Friday, March 16, 2012

RED JEANS! Because I'm worth it...

Sexah shoes! (I'm actually wearing slippers in my cubicle right now, because I'm awesome.)
 I have RED JEANS. This makes me cooler than you. I had to send them back once for a smaller size (seriously, Simply Be is the best confidence booster ever).  You can get them in wine, red, green, or blue. BOOM. Bright jeans trend achieved. The red is more of a stone red than a super-bright red, but I think they rock. I even wore sexy wedge heels for you guys. The jeans are 30 inches long, which is apparently my perfect length. If you're looking to score some awesome Simply Be stuff, you can get 40% any size order before 3/18/12 with the code 3663. They have free shipping and returns always. Go buy some plus-size stuff to feel gorgeous in!

Top - B'leev, Jeans - Simply Be, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - self-made.


  1. you look ravishing in those red jeans, darlin! and the wedges?? oooh la la. slippers in the cube is also the best idea I've heard.

  2. Oh man. Colored jeans have been on my want list for so long now. But they always seem to be so pricey. Alas. They're working for you super well though!

    1. These were the cheapest plus size I've found - only $48, and they fit at the waist!

  3. You look smoking hot. I love your wedges and those red jeans fit your perfectly!!!

  4. I love a good wedge heel and those red jeans are FANTASTIC. :)

  5. Everyone loved the wedges! I thought the ladies I work with were going to rip them off my feet!

  6. Whoa, those jeans are awesome! I haven't gotten on the bright-jean train because I already have too many pairs (at my last count, at least six) for someone who can only wear them on the weekends.