Friday, March 2, 2012

Honey, you should see me in a crown.

I found this shirt buried under a pile of clean laundry after wondering for weeks where it had gone, along with tons of other long sleeved shirts that I love. It was a bit of a slap-dash morning, because my little Ellie-belle spent the majority of yesterday evening vomiting. I came home and her and my sister were in the bathroom, my little bitty niece lying on the floor all worn out from puking. The poor little moppet told me she was just going to sleep there, but we got her up to her bed. She didn't beat her record (12 times), but she came close and had puked 10 times by the time I went to bed.

In case you were thinking how gorgeous my lips look, (a) thank you! and (b) I have the best lip gloss ever. It's Jouer in Birchbox Pink, which is a truly bright shade, and a little scary to look at in the tube. But, it goes on with just the slightest bit of pink, making me look all movie-star perfect lipped. Don't fear it! I got a teeny little sample in my January Birchbox, and it lasts forever. I keep meaning to buy more, but I still have the majority of my little bottle left! I know I will eventually, though. It's just too perfect not to buy, and only costs about as much as drugstore brands.

Cardigan - thrifted, Shirt - JMS, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Target, Jewelry - Self-made.


  1. This top is wonderful. Gorgeous color on you.

    Sorry your niece isn't feeling well. I can't imagine vomiting 10 times. Poor girl.

  2. Love the top!

    I've gotten some great products in my birchbox too. I wish I was getting more make up though. Lately it feels like its been a lot of skin care.

    Take Care!

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