Thursday, August 30, 2012


Cap-toe shoes - Dexter
 My boss is away on vacation, so I pulled out some leggings (one of her least favorite items of clothing) for today. For me, leggings don't equal pants (obviously), they equal a replacement for tights. A replacement that   more thoroughly obscures leg hair, allows me to cross my legs in my chair without fear of flashing anyone, and keeps my legs warm. It sounds like I have a lot of lower body needs, doesn't it? Now you know why I wear pants most of the time.

Dress - Joe Browns, Shrug - Avenue, Leggings - Walmart, Necklaces - self-made.
 But I love this dress. Joe Browns makes some gorgeous boho dresses. This blue-slate-grey is just one of my favorite colors. I do need to resew some of the under-ribbons that help me bustle this dress, though. As you see, it can be thoroughly bustled, with a total of six ties, but I need to sew two back on so I'm not uneven. Just for fun, you get a smirky picture, too. Because it's not a party without a smirk.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bows are my life

Gleaming white girl.
I thought about calling this post Tiny Bow Shoes II: The Return, after yesterday's post, but decided not to. I do have several shoes with bows on the toes, though. Nothing is quite as cute as a pair of flats with bows, I do believe. I spent a few hours last night and this morning helping my dad with tech issues, so it's a simple outfit and maybe some shadows under my eyes to compliment it all. One of the many blessings of having supah-white skin is that it's immediately apparent when I'm tired/need more sleep by the dark shadows under my eyes. It's my lovely consumptive look, and yes, I have it a lot.

I really like this shirt, since it comes with it's own cleavage hider in the lace trim. It's a 3/4 length sleeve, though, which I love in theory. In reality, most 3/4 length sleeves hit my short arms about an inch or so above my wrist bone. And the only thing odder than little T-Rex arms is sleeves that appear to be too short for them. I should investigate and see if I have narrow shoulders. Are your shoulders supposed to be wider than your chest? The same width as your hips? I have no clue. Mine are neither, and sort of slopey/round. I leave you in a quandary.

Shirt - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - pressie.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiny Bow Shoes

I put on jeans this morning, and said "Screw this, I need to wear something more comfortable." Hence the linen-like pajama-style pants. I've hit the crabby pants stage again; the one I hit fairly often. I JUST WANT PANTS THAT FIT WITHOUT BEING TOO TIGHT AND THAT FEEL SOFT AND NICE. Pants made out of jersey with elastic waists (because zip up pants are not comfy like pajamas) in a rainbow of colors. Such pants apparently exist only in my mind, though. It seems totally unfair that it's easy as pie to find shirts that fit and even dresses, but pants? It would be easier to win the lottery than fit a great pair of pants!

Top - Simply Be, Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - self-made.
 I do have fancy nails, though. "Fancy nails" for me are nails that are painted and haven't broken yet. Since they look really nice at the moment, I'm waiting in terror for the second that half of them shatter down to the quick at the same time. I like the idea of long nails, but I really hate getting stuff underneath my nails. I should actually use my nail brush or something.

Fancy nails, no doubt due for imminent breakage.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bohemian Rhapsodizing

Top - Target, Tank - Simply Be, Pants - Walmart, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - Jewelmint.
I love flowy tops like this. It's like Stevie Nicks/crazy hippie garb that also gets me compliments from all the older ladies in the office. I'm also partial to the fact that it's basically a gauze cardi without buttons, or a sort of kimonoesqe top. Big fluttery sleeves are a constant source of amusement for me.

I've recently become addicted to TED talks. I've been watching a couple short ones a day, mostly work(ish) related. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people that actually likes the term elitist. Do you know what it actually means? Elitist: noun a person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society. I happen to think that uber-smart people and super-talented people are the people who should be helping to run the country. (cough liberal cough)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheap Fancy-time Erin

Shaved legs! Woohoo!
In a great feat of accomplishment, I actually shaved my legs this morning and only nicked myself once. (It was right on the back of my ankle, of course, the easiest place to cut.) I also have super smooth legs because in the absence of any shaving gel/fancy razors, I used Vitamin E oil as a shaving oil. It worked very well and left my legs ultra smooth. PRO TIP! If it worked well for me, it's bound to work fantastic for the average shaver.

Ring - pressie.
 I love the idea of rings. And of all jewelry but necklaces, but I'm really fairly lazy, so they just sit in my room waiting until a fancy day. And as you can see by the bits of dirt under some of my fingernails, this was CLEARLY a fancy day.

Top - Fashion Bug, Skirt - Dollar General, Shoes - Dexter.
 The flash blew this top out a bit, since it's really a light purple. The important bit is that my outfit is so dapper, yet cheap. Is dapper only for men or men-clothes? Anyway, a cheapo skirt from the Dollar General and a top I bought years ago on sale from Fashion Bug work pretty darn well together. And this skirt's tag boasted that it can also be used as a strapless dress. Not that I would wear it like that, since I like to look perkier and I haven't had a strapless bra that fit since high school. But it does give me the option of adjusting the length of the skirt by pulling it up or down my torso. Today it's just at my natural waist (aka the smallest part of my torso, also known as not where I wear my pants since that would be ridiculously high).

Hair Fork from Leginayba
SHINY HAIR. That's all.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Ghost

Carrie, you said you wanted to see the leopard print shoes! They simultaneously make me feel awesomely sexy and like a crazy old cougar lady. Bring on the shuffleboard! Gracey knows how cool the cap toe shoes are, though.

My dear father was taking my picture this morning and was commenting on how very pale I am, "like a ghost", I believe he said in a loving sort of way. My little Mama has the same fair coloring as me, where my father, sister, and her munchkins are all olive-toned. The munchkins literally came out of the womb darker than me. I never had any real desire to tan, though, since I always burned like a little lobster every summer.

Top - Avenue, Cardigan - Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - Self-made.

Purple Obi

This was yesterday, but it was very busy. So you get two posts today! (Maybe.)

This obi belt came with a top I won from Igigi. It's lovely, but it does wiggle around on me throughout the day. I just couldn't resist giving this top some shape. Igigi itself makes really lovely stuff, although it does tend to have very low-cut stuff (and you know when I say it's low-cut, there's cleavage everywhere!). It's a designer plus-size brand, and you really need to study their size chart before ordering - think at least 2 sizes smaller. What is it with brands? The cheaper the clothes, the smaller the relative sizes, while the more expensive the larger. Vanity sizing will do your head in if you let it. If the size on the label bothers you (truly and really) just cut out the label. YOU are the same size whichever brand you wear. And you know what? Other people can't see it, and unless they're heinously cruel, they don't care. I have clothes in my closet from a size 14 to a 22 that fits me. But things that don't fit me don't get worn (and eventually when I have time, I give them away to Goodwill or people I know that would like them). So rock your clothes, not your size.

Top - Avenue, Belt - Igigi, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - TOMS, Necklace - Vintage.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Empire Waists

So, the magic of empire waists is that they make your teeny-tiny short little legs look normal length! Or even a bit long! Plus, they highlight your boobs which is always great because boobs make the world go 'round. Or at least, they're one of your (my) most awesome body parts. Also, empire waists can let you pretend that you're living in a Regency novel. (Does anyone else have a fondness for the occasional Traditional Regency Romances?)

You can see my adorable new gray cap-toe Dexters in these pictures - super comfy and just under $25 at Payless. Which is why I felt perfectly justified in buying the gray and the leopard! This is another comfy outfit that is definitely staying in the rotation. Long flutter sleeves, empire waist, and RED!

Top - Simply Be, Pants - Avenue, Socks - uh, ?, Shoes - Dexter!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Top - Target, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Dexter.
I tried my best to get a video of the horrible rooster crowing for you, but Cupcake decided that he would only crow when I wasn't recording (it's been determined that it's not Forrest crowing, but Cupcake). I left in such haste after that I forgot to put on any jewelry at all. I feel like the plainest girl at the ball.

This weekend, my sister and I took the munchkins to see ParaNorman at the theater. It's fantastic, and it has some of the funniest lines I've heard recently. Probably my favorite kid's movie I've seen in the theater since Ponyo. ParaNorman is a stop-motion animation done by the same company that did Coraline and Corpse Bride. You should all definitely go to see it, and if you know any munchkins, take them too.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't you fret, my dear, it'll all be over soon

 What a long week this was! I got my reimbursement check for my work trip back, and along with my last paycheck, I paid off one credit card completely. Ahhhh. Such a freeing feeling. I promptly hid it in the back of my wallet so it stays all lovely fresh and empty. Also, I tried out a sample curly hair product from Birchbox again this morning in my hair and it was not a winner. Two times is a reasonable test, I think. It felt good going in, but it just isn't working well. Once my hair thoroughly dried, the frizz came with it. The issue doesn't lie with the product, though. The issue is that it's made for super curly hair, and it just doesn't work well on my hair (wavy, thick, coarse hair). I'm sticking with my hair oil.

Top - Target, Pants - agenda, Shoes - Target, Necklace - pressie.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cardigan Top and Leopard Shoes

Sweater and cami - Simply Be, Pants - White Stag, Belt - Target, Shoes - Dexter.
I love using this cardigan as a top. It ends up being so very flattering. The camisole is completely necessary, though, because I am not the most observant person on where my cleavage is always going. And with a top that can potentially swing's best for everyone's sake that I wear something underneath! There could be boobs everywhere before I notice. The leopard shoes are just for my enjoyment really. I'm going to pick up a pair of the plain gray toe cap Dexters today from Payless since these are so comfy.

I didn't snap a picture for you, but my niece was wearing a long sundress, a dark jean jacket, a cloth flower fascinator, and some white nylon gloves with little black bows (from one of my high school Color Guard costumes, I think). She's a trip. My dad asked if this was the Miss Havisham Collection, and she did look a little like a tiny crazy old lady. In an utterly adorable way.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wonky lighting

Top and Jeans - Simply Be, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - Self-made.
Today you get a toned down version of me because of lighting issues. I decided to not give you a blindingly shiny face just to do proper colors. You can see the dark green jeans here and the flowery shirt here. New secret - I'm getting pretty fond of Google Chrome. I feel like I'm cheating on Firefox, though, so I'm keeping both open at the moment for different things. Because I'm a huge dork who does research analysis, so I'm allowed to have feelings like this without knowing all the tech gobbledegook background of both. Also, if you've been craving some of those Twistband type hair ties,  you can get the same thing at Target much cheaper and the same quality.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Drunken elf photographing.
  This shirt was a birthday present from my mama, who knows how much I love drapey, silky t-shirts, particularly the ones with epaulettes on the sleeves! Plus, it's blue, and blue has always been my favorite color. I'm really copper/brass jewelry these past few years, after a lifetime of only silver. It must be all the steampunk books subconsciously affecting me.

Top - ANA, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Necklaces - self-made.
 After yesterday's French braid in my hair, I just finger combed it out, used some hair oil (Orofluido), and then popped it up into a ponytail. Thus, BIG WAVES that are also vaguely controlled for work. See my pretty silver hairs? I had been hoping that more were coming, but it looks like I just have several scattered around, not streaks or anything. Boo.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lovely England

Top - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - TOMS.

 I love this shade of slightly grayish-lavender. It just makes me think of England and tea time and rolling, perfectly mown lawns and village fairs and all sorts of other wonderful imaginary British things that I've read about in Dorothy L. Sayers and Agatha Christie. It doesn't photograph quite right though, in my eyes. Below you can see the actual color of the shirt.
lavender 300x299 Creative Colour   Lavender

Don't you have Anglophile thoughts too now? No? Just me? All right then. My niece and nephew start school tomorrow (THE EXCITEMENT IS UNBEARABLE FOR THEM). In related news, I am currently obsessed with BBC's Merlin. It is pure fantasy crack and Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy is in it and he is EVIL (magic-hating Giles!). Watch it and get addicted.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can't see the forest for the trees

Tunic and camisole - Simply Be, Leggings - Avenue, Shoes - TOMS, Jewelry - pressie.
I love the draping on this dress/tunic. So pretty and girly! I did use the wrong conditioner this morning though (chemical one), so it was a morning of allergic sneezes. Thankfully, the week is almost over, so I can rest up soon. The previous full week and this one have really worn me down. Plus the munchkins start school next week, so I need to cuddle them up this weekend.

Every morning my dad fusses at me to smile. And one of my sister's chickens is actually a rooster, and he's started crowing. He crows around the time I leave for work (7am), and he crows poorly, like someone quietly gargling rocks and being shaken. So you get carefully chosen shots where I'm not over-smiling creepily at my father or yelling at a rooster to shut up. My life, it is a wondrous thing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Dexters!

New Dexters!
I've been longing for a cute pair of cap toe shoes that are (A) flats, (B) comfy, and (C) affordable. And my beloved Dexter makes them! $24.95 at Payless, people, in adorable leopard, even in wide width, because they're awesome. I feel like I should be sponsored by Dexter (mainly because I would then get FREE shoes), but I'm just a complete addict. They make superbly comfy flats, and you know that's my area of expertise.

I am not on my game this week. Minneapolis wore me out. This was the third iteration of what I was planning to wear, and you know I veered far from the original when I tell you that it started with leggings and a red tunic. The red tunic ended up being a little too short with leggings - they may cover my bottom, but that doesn't mean I need to wear skin-tight leggings to work as full-on pants.

But I am being rescued by this glorious necklace I got on sale at H&M. I'm overjoyed that cobalt blue is having a moment, because I love it so much. I love most blues (not you, teal) but what with my Doctor Who obsession and the pure beauty of it, cobalt is coming close to an obsession with me.

Top - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - H&M.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bra Issues

The moment I saw this top (last summer) I desperately wanted it. Guess how many times I've worn it? This is the first.  See, that awesome twist on the side with the asymmetrical neckline? That makes the strap on that side thinner and it doesn't want to stay in place. At least not the place I want it, which is covering my bra strap. And yeah, I should have worn a black bra, but it needs to be washed, so chill, okay. I worked around it all with a drapey scarf. This little lesson goes to show you that if if shows your bra/panties/any kind of underwear in the store, it will do it at home. Because you're lazy and all your underwear is pretty much the same.

I do love the neckline though. I just need to find one that has decent straps on both sides. Or try taking apart the knot up there at the top, and hitching up the straps BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE A FOOT OF SPACE BETWEEN MY SHOULDERS AND MY CHEST. I have no idea why plus size designers seem to believe that, but a large portion of my tops desperately require camisoles. And I'm not anti-cleavage by any means, I'm just against showing the under portions of my bra with a shirt!

I'm both overjoyed that my hair is long enough for hair forks again and full of the desire to trim the back portion so it's all completely even. I'm struggling both ways.

 Disney/Chibi eyes! This shot makes it look like my eyes are giant, almost a third of my face. And the dark shadows underneath are très sexy, right?

Top - Avenue, Jeans - Simply Be, Scarf - Send the Trend, Necklace - self-made, Shoes - Dexter.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pink Pop

Top - Toto Collection, Skirt - Jessica London, Shoes - Crocs, Necklace - Self-made.
It's supposed to rain today (and has already sprinkled), so I thought I'd wear my little black Crocs. But unlike my plaid Crocs, these never stretched enough to fit my wide feet. So I have cranky feet because they're rubbing my pinky toes to death. I'm thinking of putting a ton of my shoes on sale in my Etsy store. I'd sell them pretty cheap, I just don't want to end up donating so many pairs to Goodwill because of my stupidity if there are some other bloggers out there that are interested. They're all either a 7-8.5. Anyone interested, particularly in heels?
This outfit was a mish-mash of quickly thrown together pieces. I try to pick out an outfit every night, but this was definitely separates the morning of, not an actual "outfit"! I love both pieces separately, but together they really obscure my waist-line and also manage to chop me up visually at the middle. Let's make a note not to wear them together again....

Friday, August 3, 2012


Mia in our fabulous conference room!
So, Mia and I are both at APRA. Our eyes met, she loved me immediately, and I was totally not lame. (Okay, she's completely awesome and nice enough to hang out with the old lady.)

Carpet of horrors.
Important thing number one that I've learned here: when I have to listen to people talking into microphones 10 feet away from my head for hours, it gives me raging headaches. Two: Mia calls my blank face my bitch face, which is exactly what it looks like. Three: convention food can actually be good, although it is all made up of salad, cherry tomatoes, and chicken.
Top-ANA, Pants-White Stag, Necklace-self-made, shoes-TOMS.
Also, protip: the Mall of America is big and H&M is a very seductive store. But I am easily seduced by cobalt blue things (*cough TARDIS cough*). 

I now have blue suede(ish) shoes. Am I not awesome?

I had read that H&M's sizing was strange, and I can fully attest to that. They had a very sad little corner of plus size items, but this regular large burnout tank fit me perfectly.