Thursday, August 23, 2012

Purple Obi

This was yesterday, but it was very busy. So you get two posts today! (Maybe.)

This obi belt came with a top I won from Igigi. It's lovely, but it does wiggle around on me throughout the day. I just couldn't resist giving this top some shape. Igigi itself makes really lovely stuff, although it does tend to have very low-cut stuff (and you know when I say it's low-cut, there's cleavage everywhere!). It's a designer plus-size brand, and you really need to study their size chart before ordering - think at least 2 sizes smaller. What is it with brands? The cheaper the clothes, the smaller the relative sizes, while the more expensive the larger. Vanity sizing will do your head in if you let it. If the size on the label bothers you (truly and really) just cut out the label. YOU are the same size whichever brand you wear. And you know what? Other people can't see it, and unless they're heinously cruel, they don't care. I have clothes in my closet from a size 14 to a 22 that fits me. But things that don't fit me don't get worn (and eventually when I have time, I give them away to Goodwill or people I know that would like them). So rock your clothes, not your size.

Top - Avenue, Belt - Igigi, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - TOMS, Necklace - Vintage.


  1. The purple top looks fantastic with the obi belt. :)

  2. Hear, hear, Erin! I have stuff in my closet that ranges at LEAST six sizes, and it blows my mind a bit when I think about it. No consistency, whatsoever! I barely even look at the size label when I'm thrift shopping--I just eyeball it and if it looks right, let's try it on!

    (P.S. I want an obi belt. This one is super duper.)