Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bra Issues

The moment I saw this top (last summer) I desperately wanted it. Guess how many times I've worn it? This is the first.  See, that awesome twist on the side with the asymmetrical neckline? That makes the strap on that side thinner and it doesn't want to stay in place. At least not the place I want it, which is covering my bra strap. And yeah, I should have worn a black bra, but it needs to be washed, so chill, okay. I worked around it all with a drapey scarf. This little lesson goes to show you that if if shows your bra/panties/any kind of underwear in the store, it will do it at home. Because you're lazy and all your underwear is pretty much the same.

I do love the neckline though. I just need to find one that has decent straps on both sides. Or try taking apart the knot up there at the top, and hitching up the straps BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE A FOOT OF SPACE BETWEEN MY SHOULDERS AND MY CHEST. I have no idea why plus size designers seem to believe that, but a large portion of my tops desperately require camisoles. And I'm not anti-cleavage by any means, I'm just against showing the under portions of my bra with a shirt!

I'm both overjoyed that my hair is long enough for hair forks again and full of the desire to trim the back portion so it's all completely even. I'm struggling both ways.

 Disney/Chibi eyes! This shot makes it look like my eyes are giant, almost a third of my face. And the dark shadows underneath are très sexy, right?

Top - Avenue, Jeans - Simply Be, Scarf - Send the Trend, Necklace - self-made, Shoes - Dexter.


  1. Love the necklace! Cute top, too, and I hear ya on the weirdly fitting tops. I wish they would measure a real live woman sometime, or ask us what we want in a shirt, instead of just putting these huge gaping necklines and funny cutouts on otherwise cute shirts. :)

  2. Ugh, shirt/bra issues drive me up the wall. I prefer to wear racerback bras because the straps can't slide down my shoulders, but then I can't wear anything even the tiniest bit wide-necked or the straps show. MY LIFE, IT IS SO HARD. I'm glad you're making it work, though, because this top is super cool and works well with the scarf! Also, the hair fork is gorgeous, you should keep your hair this length for at least a little while so I can enjoy it vicariously.