Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painted face hussy

I went all fancy-face for you guys today. I wore makeup! I've been feeling a little drab-face lately, so I decided to paint it up a bit. I don't know about ya'll, but I have a real love for etched jewelry. You can buy all the pre-done bits and pieces at craft stores and make (put together, really) your own stuff without messing in acid. I'm especially fond of tree of life type stuff, and just tree representations in general, as well as birds. (I know, ridiculous, since I'm completely non-outdoorsy!) And to go completely off topic, how many people have/like TOMS? I've been pondering getting some, or even some BOBS (knockoff Skechers brand that also donate a pair), but I just haven't gotten around to it since it's still all wintery and drab.
Etched trinkets.

Top - Thrifted, Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Dexter, Socks - Sock Dreams, Jewelry - Self-made.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What, this necklace?

I love this necklace. It makes me feel so badass, like I could twirl it around and smack the tar out of someone horrible. (Instead of what would really happen, which is a high probability of smacking my self in the head.) It's also a little the point that my boss has commented on it when I've worn it! I am more on the sub side, but I just opened my eyes REALLY big and played dumb. Don't you love multi-purpose jewelry?

So...I have a confession for ya'll. Because I need some reassurance here. I joined OkCupid a few weeks ago. AHHHH. I have a few guys that I'm somewhat interested in meeting, that I'm messaging. But. I'm a huge introvert with an anxiety disorder. The mere thought of meeting someone new, in person, is somewhat terrifying. Also, I am apparently much more attractive to twenty-somethings that I thought. (I'm 30, but lots of guys 22-28 are checking me out. One of the guys that I'm talking to the most is actually 22.) I posted a few full body shots, and listed myself as "full figured" because I don't want to get into any conversations about how I'm bigger than they thought. I don't do that. I also had a grown (!) man try to start a conversation by telling me that I had "nice boobies". Did he hit his head and suddenly become 12? So, I just need some people to tell me to breathe, because I keep forgetting...because I have a horrible track record with guys and I have no idea where this is going.

Cardigan - Avenue, Shirt - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Boots - Viva La Diva, Necklace - JewelMint.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Miyazaki and Supernatural chatter

This weekend I went with my sister, niece and nephew to see The Secret World of Arrietty, the Miyazaki reworking of The Borrowers. I had read the books when I was little (of course), and enjoyed them. We all love Miyazaki, who is of the big bosses of Studio Ghibli, the famous Japanese animation company. When Ponyo came out in theaters here, my niece stood clutching the seat in front of here the entire time because she was so excited.

The movie is great, but definitely not for tiny/ADD munchkins. My sister said it made her think of The Last Unicorn. It does have the same sort of slow, dreamy storytelling that the first half of that movie has, rather than a quick-paced action-adventure. It's very beautiful and thoughtful, and I really enjoyed it. My niece (who's 6) loved it so much she ran up to kiss the movie poster afterwards.

Of course, I'm an anime/animated movie fan anyway. I'll get on a kick and watch various shows and movies for weeks on Netflix before I go back to live-action. At the moment, I'm catching up on season 6 of Supernatural, though, and angsting about Sam and why he seems to be horrible.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Different Erins

Professional Erin
I wear glasses in life, although you guys almost never see them. They don't have the anti-reflective coating on them, so they're a bear to photograph. I want to get new glasses...but I'm lazy. I have to go get my eyes checked first, then decide on new glasses and blah blah blah. The first picture was Thursday for the last day of meetings, and the one below is today. Friday is jeans day, which I really use as cords day, since they're comfier.

Casual Erin
This is altogether a snuggleier outfit. I definitely needed some comfiness in my clothing today, because this week kicked me all over the place. Enforced meetings for several days always exhausts me. I had this t-shirt for ages and I just hadn't worn it yet. It's Red Riding Hood, with a wolf hood...and a gun in her basket.

Don't mess with Red.

Casual Erin : Cardigan, Cords, Boots - Simply Be, Shirt - Threadless.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meetings all day until infinity

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow morning are taken up by work meetings. All on the same topic; in a large room, with uncomfortable chairs, that is just warm enough to cause sleepiness. But! As my father says, at least I'm getting paid as I go to them. So all I'm doing when I go home is watching TV to rest my brain. I have deep sorrow in my heart, because I'm very behind on reading other people's blogs, and Pinterest, and everything else interesting online.

Cardigan - Avenue, Shirt - Avenue (a nightshirt, really), Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Viva La Diva.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beads and hair stuff!

Happy Mardi Gras! I wore beads for you and everything! I have them knotted up underneath the cowl, because otherwise they come down to my belly button. I borrowed the necklace from my mother, and it's supposed to go around your neck twice, but that wasn't what I wanted with this neckline. So I improvised. My sister has been very jealous of my hair lately (mainly because she's growing out a pixie cut, the hardest cut to grow out), and also because I have a super new hair oil. I got a sample of Orofluido Elixir in my last Birchbox order. It's worked so well, that it's the first actual full-size product that I'm ordering from them. It makes my hair very shiny and easy to work with, and fairly non-frizzy. I can also just smooth it over my hair, comb it in fully and let it dry and the waves come on out to play! I figured this was definitely worth it, for easiness alone (since I am completely lazy).

Sweater - Roamans, Pants - Lands End, Boots - Viva La Diva.

If you want to join Birchbox. you can use my code and give me some points!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I used to be snow white, but then I drifted...

skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony

Okay, my hair isn't black as ebony, it's actually very dark brown with growing awesome silver streaks. And my lips are more pale pink than red as blood. But skin as white as snow? I have that one totally covered. I finally managed to get a pair of these shoes that fit! Just in time for them to go off the rotation at Simply Be. I'm like an evil shoe snatcher. In Viva La Diva boots, I wear an 8EEE, but apparently in their flats, I wear a 7E. BECAUSE THAT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. I had to send these back twice and then just guess on the size, because apparently the people who make them are on crack. Even though they are fantastically adorable and I've wanted them since I saw them online. Luckily, Simply Be usually brings things back around, so if you decide you just can't live without them, wait for fall.

A somewhat truer look at the color.
The most adorable little buttons, and my cubicle carpet.

Sweater - Roamans, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Viva La Diva.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poetry for the soul

A poem for you all on Valentine's Day.
(Most especially Mia and Tia, to get them in the poetry mood.)

anyone lived in a pretty how town  
by E. E. Cummings

anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his didn't he danced his did

Women and men(both little and small)
cared for anyone not at all
they sowed their isn't they reaped their same
sun moon stars rain

children guessed(but only a few
and down they forgot as up they grew
autumn winter spring summer)
that noone loved him more by more

when by now and tree by leaf
she laughed his joy she cried his grief
bird by snow and stir by still
anyone's any was all to her

someones married their everyones
laughed their cryings and did their dance
(sleep wake hope and then)they
said their nevers they slept their dream

stars rain sun moon
(and only the snow can begin to explain
how children are apt to forget to remember
with up so floating many bells down)

one day anyone died i guess
(and noone stooped to kiss his face)
busy folk buried them side by side
little by little and was by was

all by all and deep by deep
and more by more they dream their sleep
noone and anyone earth by april
wish by spirit and if by yes.

Women and men(both dong and ding)
summer autumn winter spring
reaped their sowing and went their came
sun moon stars rain

Kiss Kiss!

 I did it! Red + Pink, and I didn't spontaneously combust! Or have anyone say in Dread Pirate Robert's voice "Dear God, what is that thing?" Seriously, it is not really a color combination within my bailiwick. But my mama got me this super cute little roses headband, and my first outfit fell through, so I popped on my red Asian tunic and said to hell with it! I also started my first night of doing oil cleansing instead of using a facial cleanser last night. I did one tablespoon castor oil to 5 of olive oil (this makes 3 ounces) in a little plastic squeeze bottle. My cheeks are still on the dry side, but I didn't really expect miracles on the first night. I'm not in a lurrve relationship at the moment, but because I have a sweet daddy, I had red roses in my room when I got home last night. I've always been disappointed by boyfriends on Valentine's Day, anyway, although I suppose that says more about the guys I date than the holiday. I'm thinking of maybe watching a horror movie seems somewhat apropos. ;)

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear  

Top - Fashion to Figure, Pants - Denim 24/7, Tank - Avenue, New BLACK boots - Viva La Diva, Jewelry - self-remixed.

Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been so cold and dry lately that I had to resort to coconut oil on my face again. And I still have those little dry patches on my cheeks. I'm thinking about starting the Oil Cleansing Method, just to get away from harsh cleansers for awhile. (When you have sensitive skin, pretty much anything can be harsh.)

On a completely random topic, Adele, Adele swept every category she was nominated for at the Grammy's last night. I'm pretty sure if they could have gotten away with giving her more awards, they would have. I'm so glad that a kick-ass voice will still win you awards. In my fondest dreams, I sound like her, British accent included.

Friday, February 10, 2012


As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. A sweater in skirt form? How fantastic is that? So I ordered it in two sizes, my usual and one smaller. But I had to send both those back and get one even smaller, a size 14, which I haven't worn since high school, people! Because my waist is apparently much smaller than all manufacturers think it should be, things often fit wonkily. I have a very hourglass figure, which would be lovely if I had the money or inclination to dress like Marilyn Monroe everyday. Evidently my body should just be block shaped since I'm plus size. HAHAHAHA. My entire body is composed of curves. I don't think I have an angle anyway on my body. Even Simply Be has a hard time getting a grasp with this concept. And it's not like I have a flat tummy. Not hardly. I've got a pooch going on. It's just that my body goes BOOM then in then BOOM. I have Latin hips, but sadly, no butt to go with them. So I end up making this skirt all Ka-POW, when on the model, the skirt is all lovely drapey. Both are equally pretty options, but I had to keep ordering down a size on the skirt until it fit my waist instead of the waistline fitting around my hips.

Top - present from my sister, Skirt - Simply Be, Shoes - Simply Be, Necklace - my shop.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

High Low

Girl with Curves - this is what I mean!

I've been tempted lately by the new high-low skirt and dress styles. And I kept feeling guilty about it, mostly because of the GFY girls' scathing comments about "mullet" dresses. But, I had a brain flash the other night when I was looking at a magazine. I like this style not because I want a short front, but because I want a skirt back that covers the entire area I'm sitting on when I sit down. I don't really want to have to worry about being careful when I sit, to make sure that my skirt hasn't ridden up my thighs to crotch level. It's not really that I'm super modest, I'm just overly lazy and often cold. This is a style that is just coming in, and my beloved Simple Be doesn't have one yet. Grr. Others that give you an idea of what I mean:

Dorothy Perkins, only up to a size 12.
Topshop, also only up to a size 12.

What do you guys think of this look? Luckily, it's simple enough that when we get Jen's sewing machine set up, she could conceivably hem a skirt I already have for me to try out the look.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rescuing my jean jacket

Sepia'd up for your viewing pleasure
I've had this jean jacket for 7 months now without wearing it, even though I had to buy it when I found it at a Gap Outlet at the beach. It's all drum major-like! As a former high school band member, I'm pretty sure I was required to buy it. But it's cropped, so I just never got around to wearing it. Obviously, I just need to wear it with a sundress, but that's not really a winter option. And the poor jacket just kept sighing at me from my closet in a plaintive little voice that it wanted to be worn too. I really couldn't resist it. So I shaved my armpits (managing to cut myself 3 times), tossed on this lovely tunic tank, and some black fitted pants. The little boat shoes are there to pick up the blue of the jacket and hopefully tie it in. Do you guys ever find yourselves with these whispering clothes in your closet? I've got quite a few pairs of shoes that I have to talk quite severely to, since they claimed to be comfortable when I bought them and really make me want to kill myself when they're on my feet.
Jean Jacket - Gap, Tank - Glamourosa, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sexy Uhura!

I realize that the concept of dressing like "Sexy Uhura" is repetitive. (You can assume that I will always specify when I'm talking about Star Trek Reboot, otherwise it's Star Trek TOS.) Nichelle Nichols rocked Uhura's Starfleet outfit with complete sex appeal, while also managing to be fantastic at her job. This is a sweater I got for Christmas, and as soon as I put it on, I realized that it reminded me of Uhura. Today is National Wear Red Day (for Women's Heart Health), so I figured I would wear this and feel gorgeous while doing my part. (I might have also forced almost everyone in my office to wear red as well.)

Sweater - Lane Bryant, Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Mossimo, Jewelry - Christmas present.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Crow, headbands, and tunics

I prefer these 50's style cloth/elastic style headbands so much more than Alice bands. When you have a big ole head, Alice bands press super hard behind your ears, and leave marks. At the moment, I'm listening to a long playlist of Old Crow Medicine Show. My boss thinks it's a little strange that I almost constantly have my headphones on, but I have a tendency to lose focus if I hear conversations near me. So if I just have some music on in the background, that takes care of it.

Also. why aren't there more well-made tunic shirts? I would like an embarrassment of tunic shirts to pick from. Ones that are big enough in the bust AND the hips, without just being a box or making me look like I might be pregnant. Really, you can just add a tie-back string and that solves a great many problems. Or simply make them with a large bust area, smaller waist area, and a-line area to go over the hips lightly. Like all those teeny mini dresses you make in the junior section that I can't fit in (but with hip room). I'm full of brilliance, you know.

Sweater - JMS, Pants - Denim 24/7, Boots - Viva La Diva, Necklace - JewelMint, Headband - borrowed from my sister.