Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watch out Destin...

Looming, I look even shorter.

So, we had been planning to go to the Outer Banks (specifically Avon, North Carolina) this next week for our family vacation. House booked, time scheduled off from work...HURRICANE! Apparently, the houses on OBX are fine, they just don't have any power...and the roads to the islands are all broken and in the ocean...and the usual ferries aren't running. SO. We thought, no beach vacation for us, until my sister saved the day! We booked our condo today and we'll be in sunny Destin, Florida, next week! The most important bit for me will be not burning my skin off; therefore, I'll be using some self-tanner to bring my skin tone up to "average white person". I've burned a bright pink in Destin before (on the second day, with sunscreen) so I'm going to do my best to avoid that this year.

Top and Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Target.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It is possible that I am a superhero...

Or at least I frequently pose like one. Arms on my hips, feet shoulder-width apart. The dippy look on my face can be excused by the early time of day that I take these pictures at, but the superhero pose...well, that's just come about naturally. And maybe because I can't find anything to do with my hands. If I'm not being a superhero(ine), then I'm either balling my hands up into fists or flicking out my pinkies like a deranged tea obsessed Brit. Needless to say, I can't seem to control my hands in pictures. IDLE HANDS MAKE BIZARRE PICTURES. It's a lesser known proverb. I can stand straight, mostly smile or at least not look wonky all the time. But some part of my body has to express the unease I still feel at having my picture taken almost every day, and that seems to be my hands. Does anyone else have this problem, either with their hands or another body part?

Top - Avenue (thrifted), Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Target, Earrings - self-made.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I discovered (on Pinterest) that I love the look of matte nails. I got myself some flat matte black nail polish from Avon, and my sister got me matte red nail polish (with sparkles! matte WITH sparkles!) that was on sale somewhere. We did my nails yesterday. I love the look, but I need to get a matte top coat (and I have a list of types to look for), because I've never been able to keep a manicure for more than a few days without a top coat. But matte nail polish is ridiculous! I did the dishes - it chipped. I TOOK A SHOWER AND IT CHIPPED! Now I know why people often have a shiny tip a la french manicure, so that their tips don't immediately chip.  I decided to go with a very simple outfit today, since my nails might be a bit outre for a conventional office.

Top - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Ring - JewelMint.

Friday, August 26, 2011

FBFF - A closer look

August 26 - Visual FBFF sponsored by Ashley Getting Dressed. We're
doing an upclose and personal look at a favorite clothing item.
Instead of just photographing it as part of an OOTD post, show us the
little details, the things you can't see from a far-away shot.

Okay, I'm fudging a bit here. I needed to wear maroon for a "tailgate" lunch thing at work today. (Lord, save me from the "fun" bits of working at a university!)  But, I do love this top. It's so fancy! I did try to take a picture of the center decoration, but all I got was truly scary photos of my chest attacking the camera. CAUTION: GIANT CHEST APPROACHING!! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! IT'S COMING STRAIGHT FOR YOU!! So, I decided to just post this pretty pic of the intricate embroidery and faux jewels on the sides of the collar. They really don't get shown off nearly as much as the center piece, anyway. I don't know if it's the color, or the decorations, but this top makes me think Edwardian. Which is silly, an Edwardian lady would NEVER get caught in something like this. [CORRECTION: After looking online, what I really meant was the dresses designed by Charles Frederick Worth, who was more Victorian.]

Also, these shoes are very adorable. Not very comfy, being all plastic, but very adorable with their flowers.

Top - Venezia, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Avenue, Earrings - homemade.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love long tanks and I cannot lie

I know, shocker, huh? But I love this exact silhouette of tank top/tunic. More of a tank tunic really? Anyway, I love them. All the comfort of a tank, with all the sweeping DRAMA of a tunic. (You knew I would have to say it, Gracey!) I dearly love uneven hems, along with neat arms (or no arms, I guess).  I don't like plain t-shirt arms, or cap sleeves, and so I firmly believe that I look bad in them. Give me a flutter sleeve, a dolman sleeve, or no sleeve, and I'm a happy camper.

I've never been really bothered by the "plus size arm" thing. You know, where all women are now supposed to have arms like Michelle Obama's, and if you don't, you should feel ashamed and hurriedly cover up? Screw that. I cover up with my cardigans (which I do love) when I'm cold, not when I feel society is appalled by my non-ripped arms. Hell, I'm the color of a piece of paper and I walk around in tank tops! I think we can safely assume that I'm not really one for society's rules.

Besides, we all know that I dress for my comfort rather than other people's viewpoint. But, all things equal, isn't this new top the most adorable thing? I love the intricate design on it. (Which I probably should have saved for FBFF, but I just couldn't resist wearing it any longer.) Also, our dog decided that this outfit was very enthralling. Although, due to her tiny size, it was no doubt the shoes that attracted her. She does have a bit of a shoe fetish, always sniffing and checking out my shoes when I'm taking pictures outside.

Tank - Simply Be, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Dexter, Jewelry - homemade.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Erf-quake and the golden lasso

Woo-hoo! First earthquake yesterday. (Or as my niece says, erf-quake.) It did practically no damage around here, so it was mostly just "Holy crap, our building just shook! Let's evacuate!" and waiting around outside for a half-hour. I have decided to celebrate by wearing off-white linen pants and seeing how long I can make it through the day without flinging food all over them.

I don't wear this necklace nearly enough. It is both like a gold bolo tie, and also makes me think of Wonder Woman's golden lasso. As you can see, below I'm striking my best (not really that good at all) Wonder Woman pose, with my hands on my hips.

Top and Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - JewelMint.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Lovely gray hairs showing!
 The hideous rash all across my chest is being slowly foiled by hydro-cortisone cream! (I know that is just what everyone wanted to hear at 8:15am, but I'm really happy about since I don't have that many high cut shirts.) In other news, there was a wreck on the interstate last night, and it took us 1hr to go approximately 3 miles (we were just trying to reach an exit!). The dog is once again excited by morning pictures, even though today was briskly chilly. Since she has a brain the size of a dessicated pea, we never know exactly why she's excited, though.

Top - Sag Harbor, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Target, Jewelry - Self-made.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I won't show the horror

 Okay, it's not that horrible, but I wore the same locket both nights of the melodrama (which went great! let's see how this coming weekend goes) and the combo of nervous sweat/stage lights sweat and the cheapo metal used in necklace gave me a rash. Right in the middle of my chest, where you can see it in all but the most high necked of tops. So I've been slathering on the anti-biotic cream and just generally leaving it alone. I got this top a month ago, but I hadn't worn it yet. It's pretty, yes, but high on my torso. The bottom hits me just under my natural waist, and it turned into a belly-revealing top with every pair of pants I tried on. Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, I could wear it with a SKIRT. [Way to limit your thinking, Erin.] Anywho, I decided to layer it over this jersey dress and that works perfectly. The reason I bought it is that it's (a) super-cute and (b) has such a neat longer back. This top is hopefully going to get more of a workout during the fall, as a layering piece. [Durr, I could layer it over a nice pink camisole I have! Why do I only have brains when I'm writing my blog and not getting dressed!]

Top - Fashion to Figure, Dress - Chico's, Shoes - Avenue, Earrings - Homemade, Necklace - Send the Trend.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wordless Sunday

Clothes and shoes - Avenue

Saturday, August 20, 2011


SO. You might have noticed that I completely changed my template. And oh, I don't know, what was that other thing? Oh, yeah. RENAMED MY BLOG. That's right, chickies. It's Plus Size Curves Ahead! all the way now.  I had been thinking about changing the name for a couple of months now, but I couldn't decide on a good one that wasn't taken. (I'm looking at you, Curvy Girl Chic, for stealing the best one!) The url is still the same (cause I'm lazy, and didn't want to alienate my precious few followers). BUT. Library Girl wasn't really working for me anymore. I don't work in a library anymore (haven't for a few months). I'm 30...can I really get away with a blog self-identifying as a "girl" rather than as a woman? Also, it's obvious that I'm plus, I'm happy with it, and I'm a super curvy hourglass plus. So, I fiddled around with names for a few days, and came up with the new one. And as for the layout, the old one was just so dark! I like the dark, I wore almost all black this week. But I don't want to make you strain your eyes just trying to look at my blog. So I went light and fresh, with a subtle background of books as a nod to my library/English major background.

Change. It's good for the soul. Or at least the website.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A little bit (over) tired

See those super tired eyes? It's been a long week, kiddos. And melodrama performances start tonight. There's one tonight, one tomorrow, and then we repeat next week. IF it doesn't turn into a steaming pile of poo. [We have been having a major problem with forgotten lines and forgotten songs.] There will be much makeup applied to my under-eye bags before the performance tonight.

Shrug - Avenue, Top - Simply Be, Leggings - Faded Glory, Crocs - Lily LJ Plaid.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Odd, but Phenomenal

So I went to my concert last night and it was great! I highly advise all of you to go see Gillian Welch if you're lucky enough to be in a city on the rest of the tour. In case you didn't click on any of my myriad links leading up to the concert, Gillian Welch (the band) is made up of Gillian and her partner David Rawlings. As for what their music sounds like, Gillian joked last night that they were the acoustic version of slowcore. And yeah, their songs are bleak, but when I describe them, I say they're alternative bluegrass. Their setup last night was just the two of them on stage with their instruments. And they are two people with the least stage presence I have ever seen -- but they are oddly hypnotic to watch. Because they're making the music for themselves as much as for the audience; they are musicians rather than performers. David makes truly odd faces and movements while playing, Gillian mostly looks off into the distance or down at her guitar -- it's oddly intimate to watch while also completely unrevealing. They've played together for decades, so the two of them rarely look at each other while playing, and they also rarely look at the audience directly. But they play the shit out their songs. Gillian sings a low alto and David a high tenor, and when their voices's eerily beautiful, almost fey. But they're both bonily awkward onstage. It was just the oddest, most enchanting juxtaposition to watch. And if I had the money and time, I would follow them around the country like a Gillian Welch Deadhead.

Top - Avenue, Scarf and Pendant - Send the Trend, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Target.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ballerina Chic

Note the big happy smile.

I'm going to see Gillian Welch tonight!!!!!! (I'm a little excited.) Tickets for my dad and me were his birthday present last month, and the concert is finally here. I decided to wear something utterly comfy that would look nice enough for work as well. I love this little dress, but it is super high in the front. So leggings were most definitely required, even if I didn't have the tendency to sit cross-legged in my chair at work. I'm really happy with these Crocs now; key word being now. I had ordered them off ebay, because they're my favorite (discontinued) style (Lily). They came from China, and I don't know if they were labeled with the wrong size or what, but they were really, really tight. So until I got my shoe stretcher, I would wear them and be all cranky. Then I stretched them out for 2 days each, and they actually fit now. I'll probably continue to stretch them every month or so, just because rubber isn't exactly the most giving of substances.

Tunic/dress - Mai Tai, Leggings - Faded Glory, Shoes - Crocs, Jewelry - Handmade.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My JC look

So, thanks in no small part to Gracey and Sal, I have become a dedicated scarf lover. This one is HUGE. Also, possible impending change coming up; I'm thinking of renaming the blog. I don't work in a library anymore. I got my MLS, I worked in libraries for over a decade total, but now...I don't. I'm pondering some names, so you might see a change soon.

Look, I'm the Woman in Black! (I love Johnny Cash. SO MUCH.) This look is also known as the "I'm tired already and it's only Monday and this is a super busy week, oh God, oh God, help me" look. Perhaps you've worn it yourself. I am trying these Bass shoes again, though. They're very cute, and (for me) they were expensive sandals ($30 on sale). Everyone swears they're long enough, but they feel a little short. And I can't stretch they because they have nothing to stretch! I think I just need to get used to them. So they get a day, and then they go back if I can't do it.

I know, this picture implies that I have plenty of room at the front. Try taking a picture of your feet in sandals.

Top - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Bass, Necklace and Scarf - Send the Trend.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday/Monday - It's a two-fer!

I'm so fancy!
 Check me out, wearing (fake) pearls! I went super nice for church yesterday. I love this dress. It makes me think of a sundress version of Elizabeth Bennett. I hitched it up so you can see that I'm wearing shoes. Otherwise, it almost brushes the ground, even in my little heels. When FTF said maxi dress, they weren't kidding! (Or maybe it wasn't designed for munchkins?)

Yes, I know I'm wearing the same cardigan.
I actually went with a racerback tee today. I had to use one of those weird little plastic strap holders, though, since I don't have a racerback bra. Apparently they're really hard to find in a 40DD for some reason (stupid bra manufacturers, I'm looking at you). I just got an email from OneStopPlus about a bra sale, so I checked and out of all the categories, racerback is not one of them. I did a search and came up with ONE. And it's a maximizer. Bleah. Still, at the moment, they have free shipping and returns, so I might try it out a couple of bras.

Speaking of trying out, I'm trying out a new shampoo and conditioner; John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hydrating line. I just always have little frizzes everywhere, and it drives me bonkers. I refuse to waste time straightening or blowdrying my hair when I like my waves. (Also, I'm notoriously bad at doing my hair.) So, we'll take a week and see how it goes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kindle it up (aka books to read)

I got some good pictures today...but my camera cord is at work! So you'll get a double dose tomorrow. I was one of those people who spent months saying "Who needs a Kindle? I like to hold the book in my hands, to smell the pages and feel the weight!" But my sister and her husband each got one and they were pretty cool to play with. And then to celebrate getting the job I have now, I bought myself a Kindle. AND I GOT ADDICTED. It's just like those dippy ads say; it is like reading a book, no backlight weirdness. Plus I got a neat case that has a light, so I can read in bed at night. Plus, there are some super neat writers out there self-publishing on the Kindle. Like Lindsay Buroker who has 7 Kindle e-books available. If you buy all of them, it'll cost you a whopping $10.45. And they're great! I got started on her through Lendle, a Kindle borrowing service (Dude, use it!) and ended up just buying everything. Timeline-wise, Encrypted is first, but publication-wise, The Emperor's Edge came out first. And now you say, "That's great, Erin, but I didn't click on that first link, so WTF does she write?"

I'm glad you asked. She writes a mixture of steampunk/magic fantasy; like if Gail Carriger's books and Terry Pratchett's books had book babies. She has strong female characters and strong male characters (literally and in the sense of fully realized). The villains aren't simply stock villains, either. They're horrible people and you want them to lose, but they are fully fleshed out. She also manages to marry steampunk with magic extraordinarily well (says the reader who's suffered from some pretty poor tries). From what I've read, she started with the fantasy and the steampunk came along second. It's not overt, titled steampunk, either, which is usually how you can find the crappy ones. It's fantasy with some really cool mechanical devices...oh, wait, that bit would be steampunk!

So, moral of the day - read Lindsay Buroker. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

 This tunic is supposed to be a dress. Of course, if it were a dress, I would be flashing my butt every time I did anything but stand up stick straight. And I'm only 5'4"! Imagine if a tall person tried to wear this...(Gracey, do you want a shirt?) Hence the required leggings. I got a shoe stretcher a few weeks ago, and have been stretching out some of my tighter pairs. This tight pair of Lily Crocs have been made much more comfy by a full day or so in the stretcher. (It really helps that it not only stretches the length but also the width.)

"Dress" - Pure Energy, Leggings - JMS, Shoes - Crocs, Jewelry - Handmade.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pirate or lazy person?

My little mama doesn't like this outfit. But she's not happy that I told everyone that on Twitter. See, my mama knew from the start that these capri pants are actually pajamas, and I think that might have put her off. I came out of my part of the house, she saw me and went hmmm. In a mom tone of voice that let me know immediately that she didn't think this was an appropriate work outfit. And okay, it might be stretching it a bit, but it's all black, the jewelry is all brass, and the sandals are fancy (even if they are flat). I think the belt is what tips me over into pretend pirate. I just wanted to define my waist, but this loose belt is so much like a whip that when I looked at the picture I immediately thought pirate!

Of course, the lazy person argument can be made as well. To which I say; just look at all this fancy jewelry! And I actually styled my hair! Is that the work of a lazy person? To which you might reply: Hey, lazy person, why didn't you put on some makeup so you didn't look all blotchy like you knew you would? And I say: Come on, I'm not a miracle worker here. I get up really early, and I even shaved my legs today. So be happy with what you're getting. You get makeup or shaved legs on a work day, I don't have time for both. (And the people at home say: Why does the strange pirate lady talk to herself so much?)

Top - Avenue, Pants - Target, Shoes - Avenue, Jewelry - handmade and upcycled.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Here I am to save the pale grey and black. I was feeling a bit...bleah, after the stress of pattern mixing coupled with a long melodrama practice. So today got the neutral stick. And I was reminded again of how I like this shirt theoretically, but how in reality it's still a bit itchy. It needs to go in every load of laundry for a while until it gets older and softer. I can't wait for next Wednesday - I'll see Gillian Welch in concert!! But up till then, it's super busy melodrama practice time, because we have our performances August 19, 20, 26, and 27. I should probably memorize my lines and songs, huh?

Shirt - Avenue (as well as the tank underneath), Pants - Avenue, Socks - Target, Shoes - Target, Jewelry - handmade.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EBEW: Dots and Stripes and Flowers, Oh My!

I am a trifle uncertain of this. I don't mix patterns. Not ever. I'm just not comfy doing it. But I went through a couple of handfuls of tops and skirts to create this and...I like it. Now I just need other people to tell me it's okay and not weird! My little mama, who doesn't mix patterns either, (see, I was raised not to!) made a face when I showed her this, but she's made faces at plenty of my outfits. My dad said it was great, but he's a dad! He always has to say that! So. Pattern Mixing = stressful, but possibly fun?

Tank - Avenue, Skirt - Torrid (very old), Shoes - Target, Jewelry - handmade.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wordless Sunday

Dress - Avenue. Shoes - Born. Jewelry - handmade.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Seeing friends

I went to a street festival during lunch, simply to see some close friends that I hadn't seen in months. They had a tie-dye booth, and very sweetly gave me shirts for the munchkins. I also got my little knitted purple elephant that my dear Katy had made me! There will be a photo on Monday (I forgot to take one, and she has to live at the office so the munchkin doesn't make off with her).

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors for accessories. It's just such a great POP of color, that I decided to use it in all my accessories today! Since I had a grey dress as a background, I figured it would work great. (Oops. I just realized that my bangles are plain brass with not a hint of red. That'll teach me to write without looking at the picture.)

Since I am woefully behind on movies, I just watched The Green Hornet tonight. And while it might not be an excellent film (clears throat stuffily), it's a great superhero movie and super funny. There is some crass humor (it's co-written by Seth Rogen), but my 62 year old mom thought it was funny.

Dress - Joe Browns, Simply Be  Shoes - Dexter  Necklace - Send the Trend pendant (restrung)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple cotton can be pretty

It's hot here. Not as hot as several other states, I know. But hot for the Virginia mountains, even in August. (Sidenote, how can it be August already?) You always see suggestions to wear filmy fabrics. But personally, I've always found cotton to be the coolest fabric to wear in the heat. So I picked this simple t-shirt and pants out of my closet to wear. It's the going from super hot and humid outside to frigid and dry inside that really does me in, though. And unlike all those filmy fabrics, cotton has just enough heft that it doesn't let every tiny frigid air particle through to freeze off your skin, AND it also doesn't wilt immediately if you sweat the tiniest bit.

Shirt - Avenue ($5 on sale), Pants - White Stag (thrifted), Shoes - Avenue, Jewelry - homemade.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

360 degrees/posts

Okay, technically this is my 361th post. Let's see if I've turned in a circle, or if I've made some progress. My first post was January 17, 2010. I was working at the campus library - now I'm a research analyst (making roughly 2.5 times the pittance I was making). Go me! I loved flats - still do. Loved leg warmers (and arm warmers) - I still do, and have a ton, but I think my boss would not be very happy with me wearing them! In the library, I was surrounded by students, and worked with lots - now, almost everyone is older. (2 younger in my division, and 3-4 students doing some data entry during the summer.) Now, as for clothing...I think I've developed a style of my own. Let's christen it comfort chic. Nice stuff that you can wear to a professional job, but stuff that's also comfy and cozy. I do lean more towards the boho edge than the classic edge, but I'm not really that trendy. Sigh. At least I'm not a crazy, dumpy, People of Walmart lady! But most importantly, I don't look like a petrified deer in front of the camera anymore! Eleventy thousand points to me!

Sweater - Avenue, Tank - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Necklace - Send the Trend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

playing catch-up

We've had a super rush job at work, so it's been complete comfort for me at work as me and a coworker squash together at my computer to figure everything out. My hair is getting pretty long, long enough that I want to wear it down most of the time to show it off. I have bi-polar hair; the shorter it gets, the bouncy tight curlier, while the longer it gets, the loose wavier.  (If you have wavy hair, that sentence totally made sense to you.)

shirt - Avenue, pants - Lands End, sandals - Avenue, jewelry - homemade.

My sister (and brother-in-law) got me a bat-wing shirt for my birthday. The color is a very pale pink, just a bit pinker than the color of my skin. I also got a skirt to go with it, that has a matching pink, but it was definitely a pants sort of day. I also lost my mind yesterday and ordered a few more things from Simply Be since the dress and cardigan I ordered are so very perfect. I can't help it, I just keep trying for that perfect pair of jeans!

shirt - pressie from Jen (TJ Maxx), pants - White Stag, flats - Target, jewelry - homemade.