Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EBEW: Dots and Stripes and Flowers, Oh My!

I am a trifle uncertain of this. I don't mix patterns. Not ever. I'm just not comfy doing it. But I went through a couple of handfuls of tops and skirts to create this and...I like it. Now I just need other people to tell me it's okay and not weird! My little mama, who doesn't mix patterns either, (see, I was raised not to!) made a face when I showed her this, but she's made faces at plenty of my outfits. My dad said it was great, but he's a dad! He always has to say that! So. Pattern Mixing = stressful, but possibly fun?

Tank - Avenue, Skirt - Torrid (very old), Shoes - Target, Jewelry - handmade.


  1. Yeah, I'm so glad you did it. I was wondering how many people were going to bow out of EBEW because Pattern Mixing is a little stressful. I think you look great though!

  2. I love it think it works beautifully! I also like to mix a bl.poka dot skirt with print blouses and tanks. Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work! Sleek Sleek

  3. Pattern mixing can definitely be difficult. I think you did good with this. I think pairing colors that go together is the first step. Just follow your instincts!