Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple cotton can be pretty

It's hot here. Not as hot as several other states, I know. But hot for the Virginia mountains, even in August. (Sidenote, how can it be August already?) You always see suggestions to wear filmy fabrics. But personally, I've always found cotton to be the coolest fabric to wear in the heat. So I picked this simple t-shirt and pants out of my closet to wear. It's the going from super hot and humid outside to frigid and dry inside that really does me in, though. And unlike all those filmy fabrics, cotton has just enough heft that it doesn't let every tiny frigid air particle through to freeze off your skin, AND it also doesn't wilt immediately if you sweat the tiniest bit.

Shirt - Avenue ($5 on sale), Pants - White Stag (thrifted), Shoes - Avenue, Jewelry - homemade.

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