Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ballerina Chic

Note the big happy smile.

I'm going to see Gillian Welch tonight!!!!!! (I'm a little excited.) Tickets for my dad and me were his birthday present last month, and the concert is finally here. I decided to wear something utterly comfy that would look nice enough for work as well. I love this little dress, but it is super high in the front. So leggings were most definitely required, even if I didn't have the tendency to sit cross-legged in my chair at work. I'm really happy with these Crocs now; key word being now. I had ordered them off ebay, because they're my favorite (discontinued) style (Lily). They came from China, and I don't know if they were labeled with the wrong size or what, but they were really, really tight. So until I got my shoe stretcher, I would wear them and be all cranky. Then I stretched them out for 2 days each, and they actually fit now. I'll probably continue to stretch them every month or so, just because rubber isn't exactly the most giving of substances.

Tunic/dress - Mai Tai, Leggings - Faded Glory, Shoes - Crocs, Jewelry - Handmade.

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