Wednesday, August 3, 2011

360 degrees/posts

Okay, technically this is my 361th post. Let's see if I've turned in a circle, or if I've made some progress. My first post was January 17, 2010. I was working at the campus library - now I'm a research analyst (making roughly 2.5 times the pittance I was making). Go me! I loved flats - still do. Loved leg warmers (and arm warmers) - I still do, and have a ton, but I think my boss would not be very happy with me wearing them! In the library, I was surrounded by students, and worked with lots - now, almost everyone is older. (2 younger in my division, and 3-4 students doing some data entry during the summer.) Now, as for clothing...I think I've developed a style of my own. Let's christen it comfort chic. Nice stuff that you can wear to a professional job, but stuff that's also comfy and cozy. I do lean more towards the boho edge than the classic edge, but I'm not really that trendy. Sigh. At least I'm not a crazy, dumpy, People of Walmart lady! But most importantly, I don't look like a petrified deer in front of the camera anymore! Eleventy thousand points to me!

Sweater - Avenue, Tank - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Necklace - Send the Trend.

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  1. Awww happy full circle post :) You look absolutely marvelous in that getup... and I'm so glad you started blogging all those posts ago. Congrats on the improved employment, and even more congrats on feeling like you've found your style. Isn't blogging grand for that?? xoxo