Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, I've decided to start a blog of my daily "fashion". The problem is, I don't feel I have a personal fashion style. I waver between post-college, wanna-be boho, semi-hippie, and dressy. So, you know, across the board. I have a very curvy figure, and I wear about a size 18/20. I'm short, too, so all this combines to make it infinitely hard to find clothes that (a) fit, (b) look good, and (c)make me happy. Did I mention I was picky? So, I decided to start with an outfit that hopefully represents me a bit. This black jersey dress was great in the summer, but it's much too cold at the moment to wear it without anything else. So I layered the red shirt under it. Layering can be a problem for plus-size girls, but this worked well. In some of the pictures, I'm wearing leg-warmers, but they stumpify my legs a bit.

These pictures were taken by my friend Angela, at work outside the library. She convinced me to be silly for the camera, hence the picture where I'm making sweet sweet love to the bush.

The jewelry photo includes a necklace I made for myself, and my only ring, a spoon ring that I dearly love.

Dress: George from Wal-Mart
Red Shirt: Valerie Stevens from ?
Tights: Merona from Target
Shoes: Mossimo Supply Co. from Target
Leg Warmers: Sock Dreams
Ring: somewhere in New Harmonie, IN


  1. I think you are very fashionable - look at those socks!! Cute blog, look forward to seeing more. Following you now, maybe follow me too :)

  2. i'm a new follower, so i thought i'd post my first comment on your first entry. :)
    i adore the dress you're wearing here! it's very very cute!!