Tuesday, January 19, 2010


No pictures, because the camera I'll be using is over at my sister's (http://lalalaclothes.blogspot.com/ check her out!). I want to post every day, so today is going to be a love post on a subject dear to my heart. Pajamas. Or as my niece says, majamas. Anytime that I'm home, and will be home for the day, I'm in pajamas. And as pajamas, I wear cotton pajama pants and altered/deconstructed t-shirts. I have two enormous plastic bins, one for shirts and one for my pants, that currently sit in the corner of my room because I have too many pajamas to fit into my dresser drawers. As I write, I'm wearing black cotton drawstring pants, and a altered MASH t-shirt, along with my new favorite necklace. It's all antique-brass colored, and very simple. It's just a chain with a very cool infuser teapot charm, but I love it.

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