Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love long tanks and I cannot lie

I know, shocker, huh? But I love this exact silhouette of tank top/tunic. More of a tank tunic really? Anyway, I love them. All the comfort of a tank, with all the sweeping DRAMA of a tunic. (You knew I would have to say it, Gracey!) I dearly love uneven hems, along with neat arms (or no arms, I guess).  I don't like plain t-shirt arms, or cap sleeves, and so I firmly believe that I look bad in them. Give me a flutter sleeve, a dolman sleeve, or no sleeve, and I'm a happy camper.

I've never been really bothered by the "plus size arm" thing. You know, where all women are now supposed to have arms like Michelle Obama's, and if you don't, you should feel ashamed and hurriedly cover up? Screw that. I cover up with my cardigans (which I do love) when I'm cold, not when I feel society is appalled by my non-ripped arms. Hell, I'm the color of a piece of paper and I walk around in tank tops! I think we can safely assume that I'm not really one for society's rules.

Besides, we all know that I dress for my comfort rather than other people's viewpoint. But, all things equal, isn't this new top the most adorable thing? I love the intricate design on it. (Which I probably should have saved for FBFF, but I just couldn't resist wearing it any longer.) Also, our dog decided that this outfit was very enthralling. Although, due to her tiny size, it was no doubt the shoes that attracted her. She does have a bit of a shoe fetish, always sniffing and checking out my shoes when I'm taking pictures outside.

Tank - Simply Be, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Dexter, Jewelry - homemade.


  1. Good on you. I don't think anybody would have to worry about your arms in any case, this tank is awesome! Love the big design, it's very striking and goes well with the simple rest of the outfit.

  2. Dra-ma! This is fabulous. Love the color, love the design, love that you spelled drama right. lol.