Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pirate or lazy person?

My little mama doesn't like this outfit. But she's not happy that I told everyone that on Twitter. See, my mama knew from the start that these capri pants are actually pajamas, and I think that might have put her off. I came out of my part of the house, she saw me and went hmmm. In a mom tone of voice that let me know immediately that she didn't think this was an appropriate work outfit. And okay, it might be stretching it a bit, but it's all black, the jewelry is all brass, and the sandals are fancy (even if they are flat). I think the belt is what tips me over into pretend pirate. I just wanted to define my waist, but this loose belt is so much like a whip that when I looked at the picture I immediately thought pirate!

Of course, the lazy person argument can be made as well. To which I say; just look at all this fancy jewelry! And I actually styled my hair! Is that the work of a lazy person? To which you might reply: Hey, lazy person, why didn't you put on some makeup so you didn't look all blotchy like you knew you would? And I say: Come on, I'm not a miracle worker here. I get up really early, and I even shaved my legs today. So be happy with what you're getting. You get makeup or shaved legs on a work day, I don't have time for both. (And the people at home say: Why does the strange pirate lady talk to herself so much?)

Top - Avenue, Pants - Target, Shoes - Avenue, Jewelry - handmade and upcycled.


  1. lol. I'm going to say lazy pirate with awesome accessories. Is that an option?

  2. I think that should be the only option!