Friday, November 30, 2012

Sock Dreams Socks for Christmas

Cardigan and shirt - Avenue, Pants - Walmart, Socks - Sock Dreams, Shoes - Target.

Socks socks socks. I like them nice and pretty and somewhat fancy. And I like to have knee-high socks that are able to fit up over my curvy legs (I'm glaring at you, big box stores). So, for Christmas, when my little Mama asked me what I wanted, after thinking, I decided that I want several pairs of socks from Sock Dreams. They even have a plus-size section (along with every other section in the known world)! So my knee-highs will comfortably fit up around my knees without strangling my legs. Also, they ship free and ultra fast (1-2 days from Oregon to Virginia!).

Do you have a certain present that you've asked for this year? Or do you get gift cards from your family? Or is it always a big surprise what you get?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretend Ballerina

I totally never published this! This was last week, but you can pretend it's new.

Sweater - Avenue, Cords - Simply Be, Shoes - TOMS.
So, in my pretend ballerina world, I like to stand in fourth position. Obviously. And look sort of bitchy. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with static from both my sweater and the dry heat inside, so I decided that a revamp of my current slapdash hair method (shampoo with unscented baby's Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and use hair oil) was needed. New hair trial: the cheap trick version of WEN (which is supposed to be sent from the gods). The cheap trick version, of course, is to simply use no shampoo and a good conditioner. I don't use any product except hair oil, so I might wash it once a week or if I use anything else. I'll let you all know how this works.

Tank, Cardi, and Boots - Simply Be, Socks - Sock Dreams, Leggings - Walmart.
My parents (mom) have started asking what I want for Christmas. I'm thinking of asking for socks from Sock Dreams. Because my feet like fancy socks, but it's hard to pay $8 for socks when I can buy a pack of crappy socks for that. It's weird what we justify spending our money on. I'll wear socks more than anything but underwear, but those are the two things that I have to force myself not to cheap out on. Just because other people don't see them, doesn't mean they can't be nice and high-quality! It'll make life nicer and they'll last longer.

Fractured Grandmothers

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. My little Nana (tinier than my little Mama at only 4'11"!) fell and fractured her pelvis, and bruised/cut herself all over. So I've been spending some time in the hospital with her and my Mama. The moral of the story is: get lots of calcium, and don't fall down in a furniture-crowded room. She managed to smack her head both on the front right above her left eye and crack it open on the back at the crown. Also, no one can stand pain like a little grandmother. They asked her about her pain level (1 =  no pain and 10 = worst pain imaginable), and she calmly said that it didn't hurt if she stayed still, but otherwise it was about a 7. But she didn't really need any pain medication, thank you. !!!!! I would have taken anything and everything they gave me. But I guess after 7 children, you get used to your pelvis being yanked apart! I finally managed to convince her that Tylenol 3 wasn't a strong pain medication, and that when it hurt, she could ask for that. Side effect of being a tiny Nana, pain meds make her super loopy and strange.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ho Hey

Top and Cardi - Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EBEW Boootssss

Skirt, Cords, and Boots - Simply Be.
It's EBEW Boots! I've missed the last 7 billion Everybody, Everywear Challenges by dint of my horrible memory, and if today hadn't been boots, I would have missed this one too. But it's been cold and gross, so I've worn boots the last two days! The same pair, actually, a pair of black faux suede Viva La Diva boots from Simply Be. I've had them for 2 years, in black and brown, and they're fabulous. They're no longer in stock, but this pair (very low stock/sizes) is pretty much the same minus the fuzzy top lining and non-sueded. Yes, that is totally a word. The word on footwear from Simply Be is that boots are great, but the regular shoe sizes are cracktastic. As in, I should wear a size and a half smaller in their shoes than their boots. But they don't SELL half sizes. They do sell standard width, E and EEE, though, which is a blessing for my wide feet.

And now enjoy a poorly angled picture of me looking cranky and vaguely pregnant/potbellied today.

Sweater - Avenue, Skirt and Boots - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart.
Image 5687

Friday, November 9, 2012

Yay! I'm a Christmas Tree!

Sweater - Roamans, Jeans - Simply Be, Shoes - Dexters, Socks - Walmart.
I knew I looked like Christmas yesterday, I even knew it when I picked out my outfit the night before. I just couldn't bring myself to change it. It's gotten so cold that I wanted to be warm and cuddly, and the added pretend warmth of a red sweater was just too tempting. Do you have clothes that make you instantly feel warm, regardless if they actually make you warmer, temperature wise?

I've talked about how my sister jokingly calls my thick hair 'obese', but I don't know if I've talked about how my mom talks about it. She braided my hair yesterday and when she braids my hair...she's ticked off at it! She just sighs in an annoyed tone and says repeatedly, "You have so much hair!" or "You have too much hair!" It's her family's fault, so I refuse to take any real responsibility. Her father had a full head of thick hair when he died at 92.

Sweater - Simply Be, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Target, Socks - Sock Dreams.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Words don't matter

YAY! The election is over, so no more political ads! (When you live in a swing state, you get approximately 4,000% more ads on TV and online than other states.)

Cardigan and Boots - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart.

In the spirit of leaving all political arguments behind, here's a video without actual words. cdza is a You-tube group that makes the most amazing music video experiments. This one is great; showcasing snippets of 26 songs over 47 years that use nonsense words. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is here!

Sweater and tank - Simply Be, pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Dexter.
Wow. This is the sweater/belt combo I wear to fool people into thinking I have a butt. Today, however, it seems to have decided is BOOB day, and must be celebrated spectacularly. My bust is impressive, but not usual this fantastically striking. I actually can't take my eyes off it in this picture, so I have no real comments about the rest of my outfit.

What's everyone looking forward to in November? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? (I might try!) Are you or a significant other participating in Movember (or alternately the non-charity fun-only facial hair contest No Shave November)? Did you know that November is Epilepsy Awareness Month! (I must admit that I did not.) Or are you just looking forward to stuffing your face full of turkey and pie? I have two birthdays to celebrate, my sister's and my niece's, so I'm excited. Because, seriously, the only thing better than getting presents is giving someone the perfect present.