Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just say NO

I apologize in advance to everyone who wears/likes anything I am about to trash.  I am secretly a very grumpy old lady.
Things that I am old enough to think are lame/tacky/stupid either for people over 8 or for reasons stated:
  1. Rompers.  Anything that you have to completely take off to pee is stupid.  Anything that was originally marketed to CHILDREN needs to stay on a child, not on a grown woman.  Plus, it makes your butt look droopy.  Face it, it does.
  2. Socks with heels.  WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?  It is beyond ugly, and also twee.
  3. Jumpsuits.  Unless you work in one, DON'T WEAR ONE.
  4. Short shorts if you are out of college.  Grow up and wear shorts that cover your bikini line like a grown woman.
  5. Weird pants.  Example: super low jeans, high waisted pants (reserved for those few skinny enough to actually look non-stupid, such as Katherine Hepburn), wearing leggings as actual PANTS (leggings = better than tights NOT pants).
That's all I've got for the moment.  Feel free to chime in below or tell me how wrong I am.  Needless to say, I will of course ignore all dissenting opinions.  Hey, it's my blog, I can do that if I want! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boho Sunday

I'm wearing that simple bronze chain again.  Maybe I'll put a pedant on it this week, maybe not.
You can see our dog behind me.  She's a little...special.  Afraid of the dark, slooowww, afraid to use a doghouse, you get the idea.  She was a lab dog from my university, though, so we can't really fault her.
Here's a close-up of my skirt:
And my sandals, finally come out of the closet for the approaching spring/summer:
My mom and my sister share credit for photographing me today, leading to a good face pic.
Sepia tone makes everything pretty!

Overshirt - Riders
Camisole -Casual Corner Woman and Co.
Skirt - Bila Woman
Sandals - Faded Glory

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A fake flower and a chain

I've decided that all post titles from now on shall be combinations of two elements of my outfit.

Just kidding.  Only when I find it amusing.  Also, I had to respell combinations three times before it was right.  Clearly it is my day to SHINE!  Right before I left home, I decided I needed a simple little bronze chain to visually link with the faux studs on my shirt.  BUT, my teapot necklace chain is too long to wear plain, yet won't quite wrap around my neck twice.  So I quickly put a clasp on this chain I had lying around, which was long enough.

*Embarrassing truth: When I wear this shirt, I like to rub my hands over the studs.  No big deal, right?  THEY'RE RIGHT THERE ON MY CHEST.  ALL I NEED IS FOR SOMEONE TO WALK BY AND SEE ME FEELING MYSELF UP.  That would go over so well.*  I really like the fake flower, too.  I got a two-pack at Michael's about two months ago, a gray one and a cream one, but this is the first time I've worn one.

I'm terribly slow about embracing change.  For instance, I had no interest in trying sushi.  None.  Ew, gross, yuck.  Then I try a bit at a local Chinese restaurant: nori, rice, cream cheese, avocado, and cucumber.  It's so simple, so not raw fish!  I can ease my way into this!  But I need my sister's help, because she eats sushi, and could keep me away from the stuff that would make me go bleah.  I figure, when we go to the beach this summer, one day we can go to a sushi place. (Honestly, I am a pretty picky eater.  But I would be nice at your house.  Even if you gave me meatloaf.)

Jeans - Old Navy
Shirt - Lane Bryant
Cardigan - Lane Bryant
Fake Flower brooch - Michael's
Necklace - self-made (if I ever wear a necklace that isn't, I'll tell you)

Land of the Tiny Slips

This was Friday's outfit, so I'm only running a day late!  This dress catches a bit on my hose, so I thought I'd borrow a slip from my mom to wear underneath.  But apparently, my mother lives in the land of tiny slips.  The ones I tried on were both a little too short and a little too tight to really help.  The dress catches the most around my knees, and the tiny slips hit around mid thigh.  See the problem?  I suppose I'll have to actually be proactive and buy a few slips of my own.  I haven't owned slips since I forced my mom to stop buying them for me at the beginning of high school!  (And now all my Southern readers are thinking "How trashy!"  Snicker.) 

I felt like adding a touch of spring to my outfit, so my watercolor shoes made another appearance.  Big hoop earrings, my spoon ring, and a self-made necklace complete my look.

Dress - JMS
Shoes - Mossimo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've joined Chictopia finally!  My low budget pictures have been holding me back, but I decided I wanted the inspiration.  And of course, I found plenty!  Here are a few pics of outfits I found amazing, with the ladies account names underneath.  I've started putting some pictures up on mine (libgirl9 of course).

the curls

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancey Dance!

I just love this outfit!  It's my happy dancer zipper super cool outfit.  DON'T YOU AGREE?!!

I knew you liked it!
 Once again, I'm highlighting a necklace I made (and love).
Black Stone Pendants Rock!
Zipper Shirt - Lane Bryant
Dress - Chico's
Leggings - Faded Glory
Shoes - Mossimo

Confusion and necklaces

I've been a little swamped this weekend, so I haven't gotten around to Friday and Sunday's outfits until now.  Friday was lovely and hot, but Sunday was cold, hence the complete difference.  Both tops are new, sale items brought home by my mother, and both are by JMS.

On Friday:

Darling Shoes!

My bird in a tree necklace
Dippy happy face!
Odd sad face
Sunday, our church choir director was off at a volleyball game of her daughter's, so I conducted in her stead.  Hence, serious outfit for church, and one that I could sit onstage without flashing the church.  Both very important.

My jump ring necklace, so I could have some fun
Dippy smile for my sister
Eyebrows of confusion
Does anyone else have default expressions their faces go to when a family member takes their photo?  I tend towards the snarky face or confused look when my beloved sister takes my photo.  I also find that I look AMAZING around in the middle of the night when I get up to pee.  Sadly, no one is there to take my picture.  And I'm in my pajamas.  Damn.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Me and my girls!

Pic spam ahead of me and my girls Anna and Katy!

Katy and I re-enacting the little Dutch boy and girl statues!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upside down and inside out

This dress is from Walmart, as almost all of my lovely drapey jersey dresses are (except when they come from Target).  The brand is Pure Energy, and I am wearing it BACKWARDS!
The front and back are pretty much the same, but the V on back is not as deep.  When I have it on *correctly* it dips down low enough that my bra peeks out the sides and the bottom of the V.  But when I tried it on backwards, it fit just high enough that it didn't!   Easy no sew, no-do-anything fix!  I just want to know who decided that all plus size women had so much space between their shoulders and boobs.  I'm not even short-waisted!  But most of the deep V-necks and wrap dresses out now (that I love) require stitching the top of the V together to prevent everyone seeing my bra.  Grrr.
I did Veronica Lake-ish hair again today, along with big hoop earrings.  I really think this short hair flatters my face.  Which is good, since it's not like I could glue it back on or anything if I was utterly broken up about it.  Once again (and almost always) the necklace is self-made.  I just love these stone "donut" pendants and I had fun experimenting with wire wrapping them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

She's a brick house, mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out

It was a cool day, but really sunny (as you can tell from my squinty eyes).  These bricks were super hot!  Now it's time for pizza and Hitman.  I'm going through a Timothy Olyphant phase.  His new show, Justified is so good, I had to watch some of his other stuff!

Pink Shirt - FANG
Zipper Shirt - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Old Navy

1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more

Man, I skip a day of reading blogs and I end up with about 20 new posts to read.  Now that I'm caught up, I can post yesterday's outfit.  The weather here in the mountains of Virginia is apparently bipolar.  It had been in the 80s, but now it's back down in the 60s.  And of course the air conditioning at work is broken, so I had been burning up, and now I'm freezing as we cool things down by keeping the doors open.

My shoes are so cute.  Let's look at a close up of them.

I messed around with the photos last night, but I was too tired to come up with anything so profoundly witty as what I'm writing at the moment.  Hey, you get what you get.
Meaning, by messing around, it was not quite this green outside, and I was decidedly colder (bluer and frozener) looking.  Adjusting the tint is a miraculous thing.  You even get a picture of me laughing as my dad mocked our dog!

And now you know how dippy I look when I'm laughing and I know that a camera is trained on me...hmm.

This is of course, my lovely JMS sweater dress over my Rider jeans, with Mossimo shoes and a self-made necklace.  And a head-scarfy thing I had just bought that kept my hair from blowing all over the place.  (And yes, I know I wore this outfit last week.  That's the way I roll baby.  Like a broken record.)  Speaking of jewelry, go visit my Etsy store and buy lots of stuff so I have money!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dancer Primeval

Our deck has been overtaken by wisteria over the years.  It hasn't flowered yet, so at the moment, it seems to be overtaken by brown, dry vines with a few buds.  My dad thought it would be great to take a "interesting photo".  Of course, my eyes happened to be closed.

 Seriously, I don't have teeny tiny feet.  I have begun to develop a phobia about how small my feet seem to look in most of the photos on here.  I wear an 8.5 wide!  But I have deep fears of looking like one of those big big fat ladies who have teeny tiny feet.  DO I LOOK GROTESQUELY PROPORTIONED TO YOU?  Not that I worry about this much...

Even though this looks like a skirt, it's actual a sleeveless dress.  But the material is heavy-weight drapey spandex, which makes it so lovely and cool feeling.  And when you pull it, it goes more sheer.  Hence the top shows the lovely pattern on my bra, and I decided to cover it up.  I spent all day pretending I was a ballerina again and twirling around whenever I had the chance.

Skirt (dress) - Chico Travelers
Top - Merona

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The short hairs

Hair.  The final frontier...Wait, it was supposed to be space, right?  Or repressed homosexuality in space?  Something like that.  Anyway, my topic is HAIR, basically my own hair.  I have a lot of it.  I know you're thinking, "No, LibraryGirl, your hair is actually pretty short."  Okay, let's get specific.  I have very thick hair that is wavy, not curly and not straight .  My sister , in that lovingly jealous tone sisters get, says my hair is obese.  I tend to spend less than 5 minutes fixing my hair in the mornings.  These two hair characteristics (thick and wavy) dictated the way I wore my hair since high school.  In high school, I went to (different) hair salons twice to get my hair cut.  I explained to the stylists that I don't spend any time on my hair, and that I was sort of bad at it anyway.  And both times, I ended up crying after the cuts.  The second time was notable because I got a truly hideous haircut.  [Pre-offensive comment explanation: I have lots of gay friends.  In high school, I actually knew every out gay student at our h.s., and a good amount of the closeted students.  But really there isn't any other way to describe it.]  Apparently, the woman who cut my hair decided that what I wanted right before my junior year started was a big ole 90's dyke haircut.  Yeah, I said it.  It was a sort of female mullet type number that was truly hideous on me.  So I cried afterwards, my mom trimmed it into as pleasing a cut as could be done, and I waited for my hair to grow.    Notice there is no picture of this.  I want you all to still think of me as pretty, mmkay?  This began the long hair period.

Sometime in college, I think.  A pretty picture for my parents.  Notice I am still smirking somewhat.  Hair- very heavy and down to my bra strap in back.

This was August 2009, on our yearly trip to the beach.  It's wet, so it's longer, but dry it was around my shoulders.

I kept getting my mom or my sister (the only people allowed to cut my hair) to trim it up little by little, until it was a little above my shoulders, shorter than it had been in years!  And then...

Shorter...shorter...adding layers....oh, the thrill of it!  I'd always been staunchly against layers.  Maybe because the ones I'd seen looked so obvious. 

But Jen cut lots of crazy layers in, not blocks of layers, but snippets of layers strewn all over my hair.  It's only as thick as a normal person's hair now, which is crazy for me to experience.  It got a little addictive...

YES LAYERED HAIR I MUST HAVE YOU NOW!  I got a trim today after Easter lunch, because my hair grows fast and was getting a little bushy and untidy.  Isn't that a lovely picture I took, with my mouth open like I've lost 40 IQ points and I think the camera might have stolen them?

So, similar stories?  Addictions to the scissors?  Horrifying haircuts?  Discuss.