Saturday, April 10, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more

Man, I skip a day of reading blogs and I end up with about 20 new posts to read.  Now that I'm caught up, I can post yesterday's outfit.  The weather here in the mountains of Virginia is apparently bipolar.  It had been in the 80s, but now it's back down in the 60s.  And of course the air conditioning at work is broken, so I had been burning up, and now I'm freezing as we cool things down by keeping the doors open.

My shoes are so cute.  Let's look at a close up of them.

I messed around with the photos last night, but I was too tired to come up with anything so profoundly witty as what I'm writing at the moment.  Hey, you get what you get.
Meaning, by messing around, it was not quite this green outside, and I was decidedly colder (bluer and frozener) looking.  Adjusting the tint is a miraculous thing.  You even get a picture of me laughing as my dad mocked our dog!

And now you know how dippy I look when I'm laughing and I know that a camera is trained on me...hmm.

This is of course, my lovely JMS sweater dress over my Rider jeans, with Mossimo shoes and a self-made necklace.  And a head-scarfy thing I had just bought that kept my hair from blowing all over the place.  (And yes, I know I wore this outfit last week.  That's the way I roll baby.  Like a broken record.)  Speaking of jewelry, go visit my Etsy store and buy lots of stuff so I have money!

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  1. cute outfit (as usual). :) i totally keep meaning to hit up your etsy store, but something happens & i end up leaving the computer and i totally forget about it. i should just check it out right now.
    ps. it was 60 here yesterday & i saw people walking around in shorts & flip flops. we minnesotans kind of die when the weather hits 80+. hehe