Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upside down and inside out

This dress is from Walmart, as almost all of my lovely drapey jersey dresses are (except when they come from Target).  The brand is Pure Energy, and I am wearing it BACKWARDS!
The front and back are pretty much the same, but the V on back is not as deep.  When I have it on *correctly* it dips down low enough that my bra peeks out the sides and the bottom of the V.  But when I tried it on backwards, it fit just high enough that it didn't!   Easy no sew, no-do-anything fix!  I just want to know who decided that all plus size women had so much space between their shoulders and boobs.  I'm not even short-waisted!  But most of the deep V-necks and wrap dresses out now (that I love) require stitching the top of the V together to prevent everyone seeing my bra.  Grrr.
I did Veronica Lake-ish hair again today, along with big hoop earrings.  I really think this short hair flatters my face.  Which is good, since it's not like I could glue it back on or anything if I was utterly broken up about it.  Once again (and almost always) the necklace is self-made.  I just love these stone "donut" pendants and I had fun experimenting with wire wrapping them.


  1. LOVE this on you. You look outstanding!

  2. okay this dress is gorgeous on you... fabulous idea spinning it around :)