Monday, April 5, 2010

Dancer Primeval

Our deck has been overtaken by wisteria over the years.  It hasn't flowered yet, so at the moment, it seems to be overtaken by brown, dry vines with a few buds.  My dad thought it would be great to take a "interesting photo".  Of course, my eyes happened to be closed.

 Seriously, I don't have teeny tiny feet.  I have begun to develop a phobia about how small my feet seem to look in most of the photos on here.  I wear an 8.5 wide!  But I have deep fears of looking like one of those big big fat ladies who have teeny tiny feet.  DO I LOOK GROTESQUELY PROPORTIONED TO YOU?  Not that I worry about this much...

Even though this looks like a skirt, it's actual a sleeveless dress.  But the material is heavy-weight drapey spandex, which makes it so lovely and cool feeling.  And when you pull it, it goes more sheer.  Hence the top shows the lovely pattern on my bra, and I decided to cover it up.  I spent all day pretending I was a ballerina again and twirling around whenever I had the chance.

Skirt (dress) - Chico Travelers
Top - Merona

1 comment:

  1. I do love a dress that makes me feel like a ballerina. And no, I don't think you look ill-proportioned.

    I bet if you showed off your calves a bit more you wouldn't think your feet looked so tiny. Part of it is where the hemlines hit on your legs, I think.