Saturday, April 24, 2010

Land of the Tiny Slips

This was Friday's outfit, so I'm only running a day late!  This dress catches a bit on my hose, so I thought I'd borrow a slip from my mom to wear underneath.  But apparently, my mother lives in the land of tiny slips.  The ones I tried on were both a little too short and a little too tight to really help.  The dress catches the most around my knees, and the tiny slips hit around mid thigh.  See the problem?  I suppose I'll have to actually be proactive and buy a few slips of my own.  I haven't owned slips since I forced my mom to stop buying them for me at the beginning of high school!  (And now all my Southern readers are thinking "How trashy!"  Snicker.) 

I felt like adding a touch of spring to my outfit, so my watercolor shoes made another appearance.  Big hoop earrings, my spoon ring, and a self-made necklace complete my look.

Dress - JMS
Shoes - Mossimo


  1. This is such a great dress on you. Total bummer about the slip issues. Slips are full of issues! If you get one long enough to go to your knees, the next issue will be that you're nervous about it showing. Believe me, I am very familiar with this anxiety.

  2. i agree with emily: that is a GREAT dress on you! you're just too cute. :)