Friday, August 5, 2011

Seeing friends

I went to a street festival during lunch, simply to see some close friends that I hadn't seen in months. They had a tie-dye booth, and very sweetly gave me shirts for the munchkins. I also got my little knitted purple elephant that my dear Katy had made me! There will be a photo on Monday (I forgot to take one, and she has to live at the office so the munchkin doesn't make off with her).

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors for accessories. It's just such a great POP of color, that I decided to use it in all my accessories today! Since I had a grey dress as a background, I figured it would work great. (Oops. I just realized that my bangles are plain brass with not a hint of red. That'll teach me to write without looking at the picture.)

Since I am woefully behind on movies, I just watched The Green Hornet tonight. And while it might not be an excellent film (clears throat stuffily), it's a great superhero movie and super funny. There is some crass humor (it's co-written by Seth Rogen), but my 62 year old mom thought it was funny.

Dress - Joe Browns, Simply Be  Shoes - Dexter  Necklace - Send the Trend pendant (restrung)

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  1. I am a huge fan of super hero movies! :) Though the Green Hornet was a definite rental. I recently saw Captain America and loved it!

    I am visiting from a comment you left on the Vanderbilt Wife about Pinterest.

    I have a Hooked on Pinterest hop started this week, that I'd love to see grow. Link up your Pinterest boards at my blog - Long Wait For Isabella . Enjoy your weekend!

    Blessings :)