Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watch out Destin...

Looming, I look even shorter.

So, we had been planning to go to the Outer Banks (specifically Avon, North Carolina) this next week for our family vacation. House booked, time scheduled off from work...HURRICANE! Apparently, the houses on OBX are fine, they just don't have any power...and the roads to the islands are all broken and in the ocean...and the usual ferries aren't running. SO. We thought, no beach vacation for us, until my sister saved the day! We booked our condo today and we'll be in sunny Destin, Florida, next week! The most important bit for me will be not burning my skin off; therefore, I'll be using some self-tanner to bring my skin tone up to "average white person". I've burned a bright pink in Destin before (on the second day, with sunscreen) so I'm going to do my best to avoid that this year.

Top and Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Target.

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