Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rescuing my jean jacket

Sepia'd up for your viewing pleasure
I've had this jean jacket for 7 months now without wearing it, even though I had to buy it when I found it at a Gap Outlet at the beach. It's all drum major-like! As a former high school band member, I'm pretty sure I was required to buy it. But it's cropped, so I just never got around to wearing it. Obviously, I just need to wear it with a sundress, but that's not really a winter option. And the poor jacket just kept sighing at me from my closet in a plaintive little voice that it wanted to be worn too. I really couldn't resist it. So I shaved my armpits (managing to cut myself 3 times), tossed on this lovely tunic tank, and some black fitted pants. The little boat shoes are there to pick up the blue of the jacket and hopefully tie it in. Do you guys ever find yourselves with these whispering clothes in your closet? I've got quite a few pairs of shoes that I have to talk quite severely to, since they claimed to be comfortable when I bought them and really make me want to kill myself when they're on my feet.
Jean Jacket - Gap, Tank - Glamourosa, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter.


  1. I love that jean jacket. And I like the idea of them in general, but the reason I don't own one is that I'm pretty sure I'd never wear it.

    Besides, I have lots of other neglected clothes that whisper to me from my closet. ;-)

  2. love that long top and the denim jacket :)


  3. Oh, I definitely have at least a handful of whispering clothes--a denim jacket of my own, in fact, haha. I like what you did with yours!