Friday, February 24, 2012

Different Erins

Professional Erin
I wear glasses in life, although you guys almost never see them. They don't have the anti-reflective coating on them, so they're a bear to photograph. I want to get new glasses...but I'm lazy. I have to go get my eyes checked first, then decide on new glasses and blah blah blah. The first picture was Thursday for the last day of meetings, and the one below is today. Friday is jeans day, which I really use as cords day, since they're comfier.

Casual Erin
This is altogether a snuggleier outfit. I definitely needed some comfiness in my clothing today, because this week kicked me all over the place. Enforced meetings for several days always exhausts me. I had this t-shirt for ages and I just hadn't worn it yet. It's Red Riding Hood, with a wolf hood...and a gun in her basket.

Don't mess with Red.

Casual Erin : Cardigan, Cords, Boots - Simply Be, Shirt - Threadless.

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