Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Empire Waists

So, the magic of empire waists is that they make your teeny-tiny short little legs look normal length! Or even a bit long! Plus, they highlight your boobs which is always great because boobs make the world go 'round. Or at least, they're one of your (my) most awesome body parts. Also, empire waists can let you pretend that you're living in a Regency novel. (Does anyone else have a fondness for the occasional Traditional Regency Romances?)

You can see my adorable new gray cap-toe Dexters in these pictures - super comfy and just under $25 at Payless. Which is why I felt perfectly justified in buying the gray and the leopard! This is another comfy outfit that is definitely staying in the rotation. Long flutter sleeves, empire waist, and RED!

Top - Simply Be, Pants - Avenue, Socks - uh, ?, Shoes - Dexter!


  1. You look lovely in red. I think my boobs require a microscope instead of a plain ol' highlighter, but that empire waist is so flattering.
    I have not read any traditional regency romances, but perhaps they'd be good reading during the semester - something light and fun. :)
    And I must see your leopard print shoes!

  2. I've said this since I've *known* you, but red is so very much your color. You look gorgeous.

    Also absolutely loving your cap toe flats. I need some gray ones; I might have to pick up a pair!