Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bows are my life

Gleaming white girl.
I thought about calling this post Tiny Bow Shoes II: The Return, after yesterday's post, but decided not to. I do have several shoes with bows on the toes, though. Nothing is quite as cute as a pair of flats with bows, I do believe. I spent a few hours last night and this morning helping my dad with tech issues, so it's a simple outfit and maybe some shadows under my eyes to compliment it all. One of the many blessings of having supah-white skin is that it's immediately apparent when I'm tired/need more sleep by the dark shadows under my eyes. It's my lovely consumptive look, and yes, I have it a lot.

I really like this shirt, since it comes with it's own cleavage hider in the lace trim. It's a 3/4 length sleeve, though, which I love in theory. In reality, most 3/4 length sleeves hit my short arms about an inch or so above my wrist bone. And the only thing odder than little T-Rex arms is sleeves that appear to be too short for them. I should investigate and see if I have narrow shoulders. Are your shoulders supposed to be wider than your chest? The same width as your hips? I have no clue. Mine are neither, and sort of slopey/round. I leave you in a quandary.

Shirt - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - pressie.

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