Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Drunken elf photographing.
  This shirt was a birthday present from my mama, who knows how much I love drapey, silky t-shirts, particularly the ones with epaulettes on the sleeves! Plus, it's blue, and blue has always been my favorite color. I'm really copper/brass jewelry these past few years, after a lifetime of only silver. It must be all the steampunk books subconsciously affecting me.

Top - ANA, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Necklaces - self-made.
 After yesterday's French braid in my hair, I just finger combed it out, used some hair oil (Orofluido), and then popped it up into a ponytail. Thus, BIG WAVES that are also vaguely controlled for work. See my pretty silver hairs? I had been hoping that more were coming, but it looks like I just have several scattered around, not streaks or anything. Boo.

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