Thursday, August 30, 2012


Cap-toe shoes - Dexter
 My boss is away on vacation, so I pulled out some leggings (one of her least favorite items of clothing) for today. For me, leggings don't equal pants (obviously), they equal a replacement for tights. A replacement that   more thoroughly obscures leg hair, allows me to cross my legs in my chair without fear of flashing anyone, and keeps my legs warm. It sounds like I have a lot of lower body needs, doesn't it? Now you know why I wear pants most of the time.

Dress - Joe Browns, Shrug - Avenue, Leggings - Walmart, Necklaces - self-made.
 But I love this dress. Joe Browns makes some gorgeous boho dresses. This blue-slate-grey is just one of my favorite colors. I do need to resew some of the under-ribbons that help me bustle this dress, though. As you see, it can be thoroughly bustled, with a total of six ties, but I need to sew two back on so I'm not uneven. Just for fun, you get a smirky picture, too. Because it's not a party without a smirk.

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  1. The bustles are such a fun touch! And I like the layered necklaces ... for all the necklaces I own, somehow I don't have two that can be layered without ending up a tangled mess.