Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheap Fancy-time Erin

Shaved legs! Woohoo!
In a great feat of accomplishment, I actually shaved my legs this morning and only nicked myself once. (It was right on the back of my ankle, of course, the easiest place to cut.) I also have super smooth legs because in the absence of any shaving gel/fancy razors, I used Vitamin E oil as a shaving oil. It worked very well and left my legs ultra smooth. PRO TIP! If it worked well for me, it's bound to work fantastic for the average shaver.

Ring - pressie.
 I love the idea of rings. And of all jewelry but necklaces, but I'm really fairly lazy, so they just sit in my room waiting until a fancy day. And as you can see by the bits of dirt under some of my fingernails, this was CLEARLY a fancy day.

Top - Fashion Bug, Skirt - Dollar General, Shoes - Dexter.
 The flash blew this top out a bit, since it's really a light purple. The important bit is that my outfit is so dapper, yet cheap. Is dapper only for men or men-clothes? Anyway, a cheapo skirt from the Dollar General and a top I bought years ago on sale from Fashion Bug work pretty darn well together. And this skirt's tag boasted that it can also be used as a strapless dress. Not that I would wear it like that, since I like to look perkier and I haven't had a strapless bra that fit since high school. But it does give me the option of adjusting the length of the skirt by pulling it up or down my torso. Today it's just at my natural waist (aka the smallest part of my torso, also known as not where I wear my pants since that would be ridiculously high).

Hair Fork from Leginayba
SHINY HAIR. That's all.

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  1. Love that ring! And isn't it fun to put together a great outfit that's cheap??!? :D