Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EBEW: Green Flowers

I would love to sit down clothing designers and ask them just how much room they think the average woman has between her neck, shoulders, and breasts. Because last time I checked, most average women are not swan-necked, wide-shouldered, and low-breasted. I really like this shirt, but you won't see me wear it that often on my blog. It's came from Fashion Bug on major sale and it's a size 1X. Fashion Bug is not generally a store you think of as indulging in vanity sizing, but this is a huge 1X. And it comes down very low on the chest. I'm not against a little cleav, but it's also really big across the shoulders. Last time I checked, I wasn't in Flashdance, so I don't think it's too much to ask for a shirt that covers my bra straps when it has freaking sleeves. Hence the tank top underneath. It also has a tendency to poof out around my tummy for that flattering vaguely preggers look.

You might be saying, "Hey, with all those flaws, why do you even keep it?" Because the pattern is so preeeettty. Duh. And it has flutter sleeves, which are my kryptonite. It is almost impossible for me to resist a top with flutter sleeves if it's all cute. They make me feel like a princess!


More fancy Sock Dream socks! So cute and crocheted/chevroned. Also, today is Every Body Every Wear Green Day! Go me for remembering! Go check out everyone else who remembered!

Top - Fashion Bug, Tank - Hanes, Pants - Denim 24/7, Socks - Sock Dreams, Shoes - Target, Jewelry - present.

Green: Everybody, Everywear


  1. I'm a sucker for a pretty print and some flutter sleeves. Even if it doesn't quite work, I'll try to force it. Because I'm bossy like that.

  2. What cute, cute shoes. Is it possible that the top was designed for the off the shoulder look? I've never been comfortable with that look either. But, like you, I like clothing that flutters.