Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Men...are annoying. Music helps.

  • My hair is getting big again. I need to trim the bottom.
  • I keep almost getting somewhere with guys on OkCupid, and then they stop messaging me. Sorry, but I need more than a few messages to be sure that you're not a psycho who will murder me when we meet for the first time! Grrr....
  • Why do I feel completely comfy talking with ladies online, but freeze up at the thought of meeting a guy in real life?  OH YEAH, BECAUSE I HAVE A FREAKING ANXIETY DISORDER. 
  • New singer I found through Starkid who totally rocks: Charlene Kaye! Her voice is awesome. Go check her out on Spotify. Also, sad truth, the Darren Criss album on Spotify...not great.


  1. I hope you don't let a few flakes discourage you in your quest to meet people.
    You look lovely in purple, by the way! :)

  2. No, don't cut your hair. I love the big hair. It goes well with the smirk.

    OK Cupid? I've heard of this but never considered it. Perhaps I'll add that to my list of possible sites...

  3. Anxiety disorders are a pain--I hear ya. I agree with Gracey that your hair looks pretty faboo, but I know that when my hair starts growing out, even when people say it looks cute, it just doesn't feel like ME. I hope your next haircut leaves you feeling like you, no matter what your style choice is!