Monday, March 5, 2012

Necklaces and cheese

My hair is getting big and long again, despite cutting it in January. I might have to get my sister to trim up the back a smidgen. I pieced together these two beaded necklaces yesterday, for a little bit of color. They're both very long, just doubled around my neck.

I'll do something like this for my dream red necklace, but I'm planning to make it shorter and purposefully several strands. I was planning to do it this weekend, then I looked in my bead boxes, and I didn't have any red. So out came the purple/blue instead. I re-discovered the best thing in the world this weekend, though. Smoked Gouda. My family has gone through 1.5 of the regular size wheels you can buy in the grocery in a weekend. Mainly because we've eaten it with every single meal but breakfast. We're a cheese sort of family, and it seems to go well with everything. The munchkins were away this weekend with their other grandparents, or else I'm sure we would have finished off that second wheel!

Sweater - Joe Browns, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Crocs, Necklaces - Self-made.


  1. Love that sweater! Your necklace is cute too!


  2. Great necklaces! Mmm, cheese ... :D