Friday, March 9, 2012

Linky link links

Here are some awesome-sauce links I saw this week:

Tia and Mia dressed up like John Watson (Martin Freeman-style) on their blog and it was fantastic! It also inspired me to coin the phrase "John-dressing" instead of cross-dressing for it. Because Martin Freeman is awesome enough to go beyond genders.

Handmade Ryan Gosling is a really funny tumblr for crafty people who also have an....appreciation for the male form.

Sassafras Junction is the website of an English teacher, but it's changed recently into a sass-tastic bestseller review/sparknotes-if-sparknotes-was-full-of-curse-words-and-humor blog (bestsellers from every century/shore).  The latest is Brecht's Threepenny Opera where she actually writes the line "But he can’t resist stopping off for some travel poon, one lay for the road, as it were, with his old hooker pal Jenny." It's like if The Bloggess wrote book/movie reviews, instead of just being crazy-pants awesome.

I made an inspiration board on Pinterest. Not one for losing weight, or eating healthy, or anything like that. One for being happy. I have a number of friends who aren't happy with themselves, people who don't realize who AWESOME they are are. And we all need a little reminder of that, every day, I think. By the way, I think you're awesome too. Just like that. It's called You rock. BELIEVE it. If you see something you think should be on there, send it to me!

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with this picture. I'm fairly certain it was drawn by ValerieTheTinyHobo, but I am not positive. I found it on Pinterest, but I couldn't track it all the way back. Is it not the cutest thing ever? Yes, of course it is.


  1. The happiness pinboard is such a wonderful idea! :)

  2. Ahhhthankyouthankyou! :D I am a firm believer that everybody can benefit from John-dressing. And, um, Sassafras Junction sounds like it will make me cry tears of literary joy and laughter. BRB reading forever.