Friday, March 30, 2012

Blue stripes are the week's theme

I'm not really sure how I got on such a stripes kick this week. I wore my jail stripe dress on Tuesday, this similarly striped tunic yesterday, and an irregularly striped blue/white dolman shirt today. 3/5 days of blue stripes...when I fall in a rut, I fall hard! I'm such a blue fan that I do have a lot of blue tops to choose from, seconded only by purple, probably. And this top is so deliciously soft that it's hard to resist. (It may originally have been a beach cover-up from Jessica London that's just so comfy I wear it all the time, regardless of season.) Has anyone been listening to the Hunger Games soundtrack? Because it is awesome! Of course, anything that T-Bone Burnett is associated with is going to be fantastic, but still: check it out on Spotify.

I made this necklace recently, but this is the first time I've worn it. It makes me think of the Evil Eye. And also of billiard balls. I make random associations, okay? It has some colors I'm not too fond off, but I think they're cut enough by the pretty blues and blacks.

New necklace

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