Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pale girl in black

Long post today with two outfits (yesterday and today), and a (non-sponsory) plug for a potential new magazine, Basse Mode, that you might have read about on other bloggers' sites. And as per the post title, I'm wearing black tops in all photos.

Here's a quick pic from yesterday of me in my little sleeveless shirt and without my glasses. It has been determined that I am less likely to make ridiculous faces if I am not wearing my glasses. If I am, my eyebrows seem to start acting up like a character in a melodrama (usually the villain).

Amazing! I now have 2 pairs of jeans. Double the amount. My mother brought me home another pair that she thrifted (my mom is where my sister and I learned to thrift). I decided to try working a head scarf today, in a quasi-gypsy sort of way. You know, if there were albino gypsies. This is sort of a dress over jeans look, but the "dress" is very short. My mom thought it was a shirt when I bought it! I would never wear it without leggings or (now) jeans underneath, because I don't feel like flashing my panties at people. But these jeans have a much slimmer fit than my others, so I might start experimenting more with the whole dress over jeans thing.

Jeans - Riders
Dress/Top - George
Shoes - Earth Spirit

You might have noticed the new little widget thing on the side of my blog here, advertising for Basse Mode. It's a self-advertised "low fashion" magazine that's in the works. "Low fashion" as opposed to "high fashion" or haute couture, this magazine aims to be a hard copy mag "about what real women wear, feel and believe". Take a look at the website and see what you think. Follow them on twitter, answer their short questionnaire (warning, the amounts are in british pounds sterling, not US dollars), keep up to date by emails, even put a button like mine up on your own blog.

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