Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have four best friends.  I'm not a person who makes truly close friends easily now that I'm a supposed adult, so I guess you could call them really good friends or some junk like that...but.  They're my best friends.  The first, from birth through always, is my sister, Jen.  She has to like me, it's the law for families that aren't completely screwed up.  It isn't the law that she has to be my best friend.  But she is.  She listens to me whine and moan, loved me even during the middle school-ish years when I threw remote controls, scissors, and just about anything else handy at her head (poorly, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn unless you gave me a gun).  She was GLAD when I decided to go to the same university as her, and then she got me to move to Kansas to live with her and her husband to go to grad school!  The one thing that makes it truly unfair is that she is so darn cute.  Seriously, I often want to slap her one for it.

Plus, she has the most adorable kids ever!  Killy and Ellie (my goddaughter) are so much cuter than any kids you know or have, so much so that I'm just sorry for you.

In college, I met Janelle, a complete sweetheart of a girl.  I managed to warp her a little, and we became great friends.  She is the most sunshiney, optimistic, happy person I know that can be all those things both (a) realistically and (b) without making you want to smack her around the head.  Don't worry, she's cute too!  Apparently, I don't have any ugly friends.
A tiny smile for Janelle!

So, I've known Jen for all my life and Janelle for more than 10 years.  Anna and Katy, I've known for half my life.  Now I feel old.  I met Anna in high school, when I joined choir in the second half of tenth grade.  She introduced me to Katy, a somewhat hippie friend of hers.  (Miss Katy homeschooled through high school)  We turned into a strange little triad; me with my dyed dark auburn hair, Anna with her beautifully natural copper ringlets, and Katy with wavy light brown hair.  All of us busty, all of us curvy.  In high school, I was closest with Anna, simply because we were together every day.  But as time passed, and I was in Richmond, VA, then Kansas, it was Katy that I was in contact more.  Because Miss Anna kills computers, kids.  Kills them dead.  I'm sitting here now, waiting on them to show up for an early dinner and much needed gabfest.  They'll be a little late, because the two of them are chronically late.  But that's okay.  I planned for it!  And I'm using the time to write this entry. 

My Katy!

My Anna!


  1. hehe, this is a very sweet post. your niece & nephew are adorable!!

  2. It's always pretty rad when you meet someone who can truly kill computers.

  3. Given a little time, I'll take a better picture, but until then I just love you Erin!