Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey, cute shoes! Nice top!

No outfit post today, because I forgot! I came home and got right into my pajamas. I went to Target today, looking for rain boots. Once again, I was DENIED! As a curvy girl, I have curvy calves. I also have a bizarre genetic predisposition towards very muscular calves. So, a rain boot that's cut straight up and down, and on the narrow side, isn't wide enough for my calves, but it's more than wide enough everywhere else. Bleah.

But, do you know what I did find? Two pairs of gorgeous, frivolous little flats. Both are made by Mossimo, a company that I wear a ton of (including my little gray felt flats!). One pair will be henceforth dubbed my "watercolor" shoes.

The other pair is purple, and I don't think they'll get a special name.

Those little ruffles on the toe are awfully cute, though.

Before this, I made a little trip to the Lane Bryant next door, which is closing. I got three tops, all from the Lane Bryant label. First up is a light embellished gray t-shirt with silver and bronzy-gold flat stud/press-on thingies.

Next is a darker gray long sleeved tee with a zipper detail up the front.

Here's a close-up of the zipper.

And lastly, there's a wrap sort of thing, a kind of button-less cardigan. I have a gray jersey wrap like this, which is so soft and cuddly that I sometimes wear it around the house and even sleep in it. Yes, the photo looks horrible, but trust me, the wrap is very pretty. The front is longer than the back, like mullet! Except pretty and not trashy, and I completely lost where I was going. Here's the picture.


  1. i love both pairs of flats, but ESPECIALLY the purple ones!! oh so cute!! i'm totally off to lane bryant tomorrow to look for that zipper top & i'm liking the wrap, but i think i'd want to see it on before i decide to love it. hehe

  2. oh! i love, love, love the flats!!!!