Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is how it works...

I am so TICKED off at my camera!  How could the batteries die right before we got a shot of the back of my hair?!  I've got it up all messily pinned with a bajillion bobby pins of different sizes and styles.  The front looks okay, but oddly enough, I'm more proud of the back.  I did manage to get a picture of my outfit and of the front of my hair.  You can see my new Lane Bryant wrap, the one that looked so blah on the floor, and it looks much better on me.  You can also see how the two front panels are almost a hand's length longer than the rest of it.  Strange, but I like it!  It's very soft jersey, too, so I'm all snuggled in.  I think I need Jen to whack around at my hair again, though.  Just for fun.  Now that I finally have them, I'm liking layers.

How do you like the new blog layout?  I think it's loverly!  (Since I didn't design it, I can say that without sounding like a big old boaster.)

Edited to add photo of back of head, thanks to lovely student worker Jess!


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  1. Agreed, the new layout is indeed loverly. It's a wee bit more cheerful than the previous, but not ridiculously so.