Friday, March 26, 2010

Zip it up!

Here's my Lane Bryant zipper shirt. The neckline is much wider than I had realized, so I went for a strapless bra. I always forget what a true PAIN strapless bras are, slinking down your chest and necessitating the ever-graceful hike up of the bra. I had actually brought the straps to attach and wore those maybe a third of the day, but the straps are just placed so that they irritate the hell out of my armpits. Next time, I might have to wear a little camisole underneath and let the straps show. It's super soft, though, and I felt like I looked very cool!


  1. i love that top!! they dont have it at my lane bryant though. :(
    like the new layout here, by the way!

  2. The neckline is really gorgeous, and even though I totally agree that strapless bras are the WORST, the girls are looking lovely. Hopefully that didn't come off completely skeevy.

  3. Not skeevy at all! My whole family sees fit to comment on my chest, at any time they want. And I think I mentioned on here earlier that my sister will wear my bra on her head (one cup over her giant head!) just to torment me and make herself laugh as she mocks me. Wow. That sounded really sad and pathetic. Don't worry, I love my chest! Just not that bra.