Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grey and Black

This dress got me several compliments today. Looking at the photos, I'm having that moment of uncertainty where you think "I felt so cool today, but do these pictures make me look 10 pounds heavier than I am? And why do I always make such bizarre faces in pictures? OH MY GOD, DO I MAKE THOSE FACES ALL THE TIME IN REALITY?!?" The only answer to these questions is that evil little imps live in my camera. This is why pictures can come out blurry when it's set on auto-focus. My parents/photographers love to take photos of my face, and they always end up slightly strange. Did you know that I have a halo?

The dress is from Wal-mart, and it's made by JMS (Just My Size). You can vaguely see a seam there on the bust. I always have issues with faux wrap tops, as do most large-busted women, I think. So the two edges are just sewn together so they don't gap open.

1 comment:

  1. You really do look gorgeous in this dress, and I think it's partially because it's a bit more dressed up than you normally seem. No denim, something swishy, some fun design elements like ruching and a beautiful border print: it's so pretty!