Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basse Mode's Lauren answers some questions

This is an emailed interview that I did with Lauren Cooke, one of the creators of the work-in-progress magazine Basse Mode. Yes, I have been plugging the mag a bit, and when you finish the interview and look at the site, you'll see why! Lauren's own blog is "A Typical Atypical", a smashing good read.

Hey Lauren!
I have several questions for you. Feel free to answer/not answer the ones you like. First of all, get comfy. Squash on down in your chair. Get a snack, or a beverage. Turn on some fun music. Now, have a nice little virtual talk with my blog self, LibraryGirl. (Why, yes, I do work in a library! I am so very original.)

1. A Typical Atypical? Explain to the nice confuzzled girl please?

I am a little bit odd, and more than a little bit aware of it. However, I have come to the conclusion that most of us are barmy in on way, making my Atypicality totally typical! Hence I am a typical atypical!

2. Tell us some more about yourself...dreams, hopes, age, shoe know, the basics.

Well, I used to be a size 8 foot, but then they shrank to a 7 (UK)!! Other than that I am a 23yr old girl working in eMarketing and social media. I am starting to make my way in the world, heading into the realm of blogging and writing more and more - and one day I hope to have a career to do with this which lets me work from home - as long as home is a beautifully restored and decorated house!

3. Basse Mode - It means Low Fashion. I read your post ( about the concept and it spoke to me right away. I understand the desire to read a low fashion magazine (hell, I have it!) but how did you and the other girls decide to actually go for it and create it? And who came up with the title?

It was an accident really, as many of the best things are! I was throwing the idea for such a magazine out there, and Fi and Emma picked up on the idea and loved it! We got chatting, and now just a couple of weeks later we have a blog set up and loads of wonderfully talented girls willing to help! The title came from us already fixing on the idea of low fashion - and it just sounded better in French!

4. You, Emma, and Fi are all Brits. Are you excited about creating a magazine working with fashion bloggers/other creative types from around the world? Do you think that there are significant differences in what's perceived as "low fashion" depending on where you're from, your age, etc., and is this something that you look forward to showcasing in the magazine?

Low fashion really just means clothes and style that aren't purely from the catwalk or expensive designers. When you think about the fact that within one country you can have so many different styles and trends, it suddenly seems less relevant to worry about cross-cultural differences. I think the variety is the real winner here - Basse Mode isn't aiming to dictate fashion, but merely to inspire people with examples of real women from all walks of life. Each individual's take on low fashion will be different, and that is what makes it special - and that difference is what we are celebrating.

5. Obviously, this one is a issue near and dear to my own heart. Please, please, please, tell me that when Basse Mode comes out it will be available in/shipped to America. And I suppose other countries, Canada as well, too.

We honestly don't know. That may seem a bit of a cop out, but currently we don't have a business plan as we have no funders, sponsors or backers - and they would be the ones with the influence over this. This is why we are trying to raise attention, so that we have proof people want this when the time comes. I would imagine, in an ideal world, that it will probably be a UK produced magazine, but that shipping out to other countries will be a major part. I am speculating until we know it is actually going to become a reality, however!

6. Do you (personally) tend to follow more Brit bloggers than non-Brits or is it all a big mish-mash? (This is probably the part where I should confess that I am a huge Anglophile, yet I haven't been following anyone who doesn't live in America. Sigh, the complexity of the LibraryGirl.)

Interesting question, and one I haven't ever thought about before. I think I follow a massive mix up from mainly Australia, America and the UK. However, despite the expected writing style differences and the real spelling differences, I often don't notice the country of origin - the internet makes it seem like we are all writing from the same place!

7. Random question: Do you read Tavi Gevinson's blog, Style Rookie? ( It's so depressing that a tweenager is lightyears ahead of me on the cool train.

She is very cool indeed :) I don't read her, personally, but I do read a few of the blogs that have really been catapulted into fame and fortune.

8. Ultimate future wishes: both for you personally and for the magazine?

For me? To have fun, do stuff that I wil be proud to remember, and constantly push my boundaries!

For the magazine? To actually get it printed, even if just for one issue. Even to make some sort of annual or one off publication would mean I have something physical to save of the wonderful world of fashion blogging, something that I can show to my grandchildren!

9. And finally, finish us off with an e-bay/etsy/favorite item of the moment pic.

I am totally in love with this vintage Laura Ashley dress - I think it is sexy!

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