Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dotted Shirt and Helena Hair

So I have no idea how to properly describe this shirt. It's like it's studded, but it's not. It's not on the Lane Bryant website, either, so there goes that idea. My mom suggested saying appliques or dots. I'll go with dots, but in my heart it's a studded t-shirt. Ooh, I'm so bad. I wore my new little watercolor shoes, and made the women I work with admire them.

*Sample conversation: Me- "Look how cute my shoes are!" (hikes shoe up onto a desk, to better show it off) Boss and Boss's Boss- "Wow, those are cute! Did you make those?" Me, laughing my ass off at the thought that I could draw a straight line, let alone a flower. Jewelry is one thing, drawing another. I leave that to my 4-year-old niece.*

Moving on to item two of the post...I pinned my hair back while I was in my cubicle with those little claw clippies, since I was doing data entry most of the day (or rather, data un-entry, since I was removing notes from records). I thought this gave me "crazy lady" hair, but then I got several compliments on it. And once I saw the photos, I realized why. Do you know whose hair this is?

Helena Bonham Carter, that's who!

You know, if she washed it more...and got those twigs and sad little bows out...

Shirt - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Old Navy, thrifted
Shoes - Mossimo
Necklace - self-made
Earrings - I have no clue, but don't they rock!


  1. haha, this is a cute post. i love it when my unruly hair channels a celeb. :)

  2. Love the shoes! I am all about adorable flats to make up for the fact that I hate heels.