Saturday, March 6, 2010

I need your sweet love to beat love away

I like army green as much as any pacifist (if not more), but not enough to purposefully wear it two days in a row. It just happened that way. Don't judge me! This jacket is large enough to button over my chest, which means that it's fairly loose around my waist. And yes, my arms are teeny tiny short, resulting in looong sleeves, which I actually like. (When all jackets are like this, you either like it, or learn to sew so you can fix them.) The white shirt caused me problems at lunch though, as I accidentally flung soy sauce from my dumplings onto it. But this seems to be a running Saturday problem for me, so you would think I would just wear a brown/black shirt...sigh. Here, we'll sepia-tone the photo and pretend that I wore this a long time ago, before color pictures.

You can't see my Crocs, but I'm wearing them. I have plain black ones, that make my feet happy, so any overly judgemental fashionistas can just choke on them. Plus, I danced a ton last night at a bluegrass music "jamboree" with my sister, niece, and nephew, so my feet needed some comfort.

Jacket - Faded Glory
plain white shirt with no label
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes (unseen) - Crocs
teapot necklace!


  1. okay, seriously, i want to go shopping with you. :)

  2. Okay, that makes me feel so damn cool. Seriously, it lit up my day. Walking around with a doofy smile, inside voice singing "RMb thinks I cool enough to go shopping with!" Sadly, I am only cool enough to go shopping with when I go with my sister. I can find stuff for me easy, but when I go with Jen, I can actually find stuff for other people as well.