Sunday, July 24, 2011


I recently rediscovered this shirt (in the dry-clean only laundry bag, where it had been languishing for...none-of-your-business-okay-several-years-but-everything-is-done-now. It's lovely, but I have to keep a watch on the neckline as it wants to dip down much lower than is really appropriate for everyone who doesn't have a burning interest in what bra I'm wearing. Jen plucked my eyebrows yesterday, because I'm bad at it and because she likes to groom people. Like a monkey. An older sister monkey. I need to make her do my nails too, since that's also something I'm bad at. I keep seeing all these neat nails on Pinterest, not super fancy or anything, but I'm about as far from nail ambidextrous as they come! My left hand is nice and my right looks like a 5 year old did it, if I try anything more than clear or pale pale pink. This, for instance, is GORGEOUS. And I need someone else to do it so I don't look like I just dipped my fingers in the polish.

The idea of this on my fingers is driving me insane. Must have!
Classy black polish, right? Totally work appropriate.

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