Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pants that are not dark

That's right. My pants are beige. They are not black, or grey, or pinstriped. It's a pants revolution, and even the dog is impressed. These pants are from Avenue, and have an elastic waist, so they fit both my hips AND my waist. Woo-hoo! Excitement in the pants world! (Seriously, I can't do any other sort of pants without serious beltage.) These are of a linen-like fabric, so they did get seriously wrinkled throughout the day, but I think with summery pants like this you have to take that as a given. I got a good back-handed compliment today that was all in the tone. I had melodrama practice tonight, and one of the older ladies told me "Erin, you look really good tonight." Nice compliment, yeah? But her voice said "Erin, you look really good tonight." As in key word tonight with a faint hint of surprise. Apparently the last time we did a melodrama, I came to practices dressed like crapola! But it just made me laugh when I thought about it. She managed to say so much with so few words.

Top - OneStopPlus
Pants - Avenue
Shoes - Dexter
Necklace - Send the Trend

1 comment:

  1. Oh, your puppy!

    I think the pants are lovely - light pants can be difficult, but I think you've pulled them off fabulously!