Monday, July 4, 2011


Sleepy Sunday
 I had a lovely holiday weekend (and I hope you had the same) except for this wonky ear thing I have going on. I actually took Friday off and went to the doctor. I told him about how my ear was hurting, that I have allergies, and that it kept popping randomly (like your ears do when you go up and down mountains). I figured I had an ear infection since I had them almost constantly as a child, but no, I have some grossness where all my snot is backed up and the tubes in my ears have gotten affected by it (that's affected not infected). So I get cortico-steriod nose spray and decongestants, in addition to my allergy pill. It seems so totally unfair considering how much I sneeze and I know all my hippie friends are going to start pestering me to use a neti pot. I have a problem using eye drops; I don't think my first time with a neti pot is going to go well at all. But luckily, I figure I can put it off until I'm done with this nose spray that I've got for a month.
I can make him talk...
 I love this charm. It's a little gold skull, with a hinged jaw. It came from Send the Trend, on a white gold chain, but it didn't really go well with the chain, so I gave that to my little mama and braided up this ribbon. Mama hates it and keeps threatening to make it disappear. I'm not super punk, but I do like a little edge now and then.

Scarves fascinate the dog

Sunday top - B'leev
Tank - Avenue
Jeans - Avenue
Shoes - Dexter
Scarf and Skull - Send the Trend

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