Sunday, July 10, 2011

Favorite new weekend outfits

I bought this dress from Simply Be. It was on sale and I had a discount. Since the first time I laid eyes on it, I wanted this dress. So cool! So steampunky! But, at $89 originally, then marked down to $62, not what I was going to pay for a dress I couldn't wear to work. Like I've said before, my boss is very much of the professional work wear mindset. So I waited. And looked at it every time I went to the website. And when it was finally down to $37, I decided yes, this is worth it for a dress that I have wanted for this long and find this beautiful. It does run a little large, so I probably could have gotten away with a size 18, but as bodaciously curvy at the hips as I am, I would much rather the dress be a little large than too small. (Seriously, is there anything worse than clothes that are too small? People, no one sees the label but you, they just see how it fits.)

My favorite part, and what really sold me on the dress, are these little poofs on the sides. There are two in the back as well. They're like mini-bustles on my legs! And they don't always have to be there. The poofs are done up by ribbon inside the skirt, so you can untie them and have the skirt be all one length. This is my new favorite summer dress, although I do think I'll leave off the waist tie in the future.

Dress - Joe Browns Sexy Dress

Shoes - Dexter

This is what I wore today, and I took off the waist tie/belt from this dress already. I have a defined waist. I don't need a sash belt aimlessly flopping about and getting out of place. I'm already planning to wear this dress again next weekend, to a friend's wedding. I love the handkerchief hem on it. I might see if I can make a necklace to match the coral-ish flowers.

Dress and shoes - Avenue

Shrug - Torrid, years and years ago

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