Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I didn't mean to break the internet...

So, Friday when I was at home sick, I broke the internet at work. Sort of. In a theoretical, humorous way. Let me explain. I was entering data on Thursday, and I entered some stuff incorrectly (I didn't delete the previous info on the tab). It was caught and I corrected it. I THOUGHT. And the IT staff set their reports to run Thursday night. But, apparently, one lonely little record still had two entries on the tab, and it blew the computer's mind and wrecked ALL the reports. Luckily, I wasn't there on Friday to reap the reward of ruining all that IT work from Thursday, being out sick. Apparently, it was not a pretty sight. So, I got a quick re-schooling, and I will get a through re-training sometime this week. But everyone (boss included) was nice about it, and I won the gold prize for mistakes. I'm just glad I missed my first HUGE mistake. Also, in a unbelievably nice twist, I got a package from Avenue and everything fits! (Lest you think I'm spending shitloads of $ there, I always use coupons and buy on sale. And I only buy a few things at a time. There just aren't any actual plus-size stores in my area since the Lane Bryant store left and my Avenue store is an hour away.)

Top - Avenue
Pants - Denim 24/7 pinstripes that photograph like a LSD trip

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