Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Purl Purple

I love this purple open knit summer sweater (or top, to say it briefly) even though it's a bit baggy. I got it originally to use as a super cool alternativey swim coverup, but I just can't leave it alone. The color makes me happy, it's not too warm, not too cool when I'm in the frigid office...really, I want about 12 more, but only in specially picked out colors that I choose. (NO aqua, or orange, or neon...) I've gone on a little buying fit of shoe cubbies and other organizing type stuff. But it's okay, because my (30th!) birthday is on the 29, and I'm ultra excited about it. I just...don't get people who don't get excited about their birthday. It's a day for YOU! And I'll be 30, which is like, a real grownup and everything. I think.

Head to Toe - Avenue, Jewelry - Selfmade.

*PS. Anyone who wants an invite to Pinterest, just email me. OR, you can do the whole email the site thing if you don't love me. I'm on there under my real name, but I come up under libgirl9 as well. Anyway, it's neat. Like Tumblr, but a different way of wasting time.

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